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An Introduction…


    Well hello there central Pennsylvania! Don’t you look nice today!
  Jimmy has taken the family ‘down the shore’ after a long baseball season, so it looks like you are stuck with me for the week.
  So where to begin?
  I suppose I should start by introducing myself! I am Steph Turi - soon to be Nordstrom! I started working for Jim Webb Sr. way back in 2001 at the printing plant. Since then I have been receptionist, assistant, graphic artist, layout queen (that’s a self-imposed title), paginator, sales person, webmaster, social media expert (another self-imposed title) and everything in between. And I am thrilled to now take on the role of Editor. I can’t speak highly enough about my time working with Raff. I learned a lot from him and I am really looking forward to taking what I learned from him and mixing it with my own personality to bring some fresh ideas to the pages of Webb Weekly.
  Speaking of new and fresh, did you see Jeff Federowicz’s article on Zac Baggett and Isaiah Britton last week? Well that is just the start of a continuing series on the music scene locally! Check out Jeff’s piece on Audiobox in this issue. Over the next several months, we will continue to tell you about local bands and where you can see them play!
  It is amazing the number of music venues our ‘small town’ has to offer. Take a walk downtown on a Saturday night and you can find a bevy of places to catch local music. And if YOU want to make the music you can do that too. There are several spots hosting karaoke and open mic nights regularly. The availability of entertainment throughout the Williamsport area is incredible.
  Music is just the beginning of what downtown has to offer! First Friday is a fantastic way to explore downtown and check out local artists. In addition to those who display their work on the streets, there are several galleries that exhibit local artist and many local businesses downtown also feature local artisans. The Grower’s Market on Saturday mornings is also a great way to support local folks and pick up some healthy treats for your family!
  We are also introducing some feature pieces from my fiancé Erik. He is a gamer nerd at heart (don’t tell him I said that!), so he will be bringing us news from the gaming community. If you have a game (video, board, tabletop etc.) that you’d like to learn more about, please let us know! Erik will be happy to play it and let you know what he thinks.
  I am having a hard time believing we are to the Little League World Series portion of the summer already! For me, the LLWS has always signaled the beginning of the end of summer and I am not ready for that yet! I feel like I haven’t even gotten my ‘dog days’ yet! We haven’t had nearly enough 90 degree days to tide me over for when it is 12 degrees in February.
  But I am looking forward to the LLWS! I’m always interested in watching the boys compete and seeing if I can predict how the series will play out. (I’m usually wrong). This year will particularly difficult as there are 2 first time participants in the series. The teams from Perth, Australia and South Moravia from the Czech Republic are both new to the LLWS and I’m looking forward to watching them compete.
  I wish the best of luck to all of the kids playing this year! It takes a lot of guts for those kids to play great ball while the whole world watches.
  In Mike Rafferty’s last article he mentioned the intimidation of being the page 2 writer, and I have to tell you, he wasn’t lyin’! I am following a lot of great gentlemen so I can only hope I did this space justice.