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Parades and Pins



Mr. Webb used to have a saying, “If you’re early, you’re on time; if you’re on time you’re late and if you’re late you’re out the door.” So if you are wondering why our Grand Slam Parade story is running a bit early that is why. I certainly can’t have my Susquehanna Valley residents missing out on such an amazing event in our area! If you haven’t checked out the Parade before, you should mark it on your ‘Summer Fun’ calendar for next week. There is a lot to check out along the parade route. Plus, it is so much for all the kids on the Little League teams to see so many people come out to welcome them to Williamsport!
  While we still have a bit of time before Little League officially starts, I can tell you one aspect of Little League that is already in full swing and that is pin trading and collecting!
  There are so many cool and interesting pins out there to collect and trade. Old or new there are a plethora available.
  While no one really knows when Little League pins first started, the first official Little League World Series pin was released in 1983. Since then not only has Little League released pins yearly, but many sponsors get in on the action too, as well as the visiting Little League teams themselves.
  As it happens, the pin trading system is based on an Olympic tradition started in Athens, Greece in 1896.
  The “pins” actually began as badges used to identify and separate officials and athletes. In 1906, the first true pin – in the colors of the Swedes – made its debut.
  It wasn’t until 1924 that athletes began exchanging pins as a sign of international solidarity, and through the 1970s, trading of these small signs of amity was limited to athletes and officials.
  Many hotels are offering ‘trading rooms’ so that it easy to find other that share the love of Little League pins. Speaking of – not only does the Genetti have a pin available, but they also will be hosting a pin swap.
  The City of Williamsport will once again be offering a pin set. It will be a two-piece puzzle pin. Pepsi is once again stepping up as pin sponsor. There are a limited number of sets available, so don’t wait to get yours! They will be available at various businesses the Thursday after the parade. They will also be available at local Weis Markets. They will also be available at downtown business during the Williamsport Welcomes the World Festival on August 28th with a $5 purchase.
  There are many local businesses that have them available too.
  Dunkin Donuts’ pin this year is an absolutely adorable donut. You can pick one up for just a $1.99 with any purchase.
  Wegmans went all out this year. There are six pins available from August 24-28 (a new one each day) that connect together to form one larger pin. They are free with a specific purchase throughout the week.
  Lycoming Bakery got in on the action this year too! Shout out to my friend JP who designed the pin. You can purchase them at the Bakery for $5.00 starting August 19.
  Dolly’s Diner has a really cute coffee mug pin this year too!
  I have to say it is always fun to see which pins I am going to get with my World Series Media Credentials package. I have a whole collection from all my years taking pictures during the series.
  If you have a large collection, or a really spectacular pin, please post a pic on our Facebook page –! We would love to see them!