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A Little Bit of This and That…


So Jimmy has headed south to watch ‘Little’ Jimmy (I use the word little loosely) play copious amounts of baseball, so that means you are stuck with me for the week.
  So let’s talk! Tell me what is going on!
  We have almost hit the dog days of summer and Little League will be here before we know it, but before we hit back-to-school sales and Little League traffic jams, let’s take a minute to appreciate July.
  I love this time of year. Everything seems to slow down just a bit. I love sitting on my porch enjoying the long evenings and watching the lightning bugs and listening to the mourning doves in the morning. There is something about July that convinces you that summer is going to last forever. If only…
  I suppose if you are into that sort of thing, there is a lot to do outside this time of year. There is great hiking up Rock Run and over in Ricketts Glen. I see lots of boats on the river and kayaks in the creeks. It’s not my forte, but our great outdoors writers claim that there is lots of good fishing to be found also.
  If you would like to keep the kiddos occupied for a bit in the evening, this is the perfect time of year to send them on a ‘snipe’ hunt. I hear if you make ‘kissy sounds’ it makes them easier to find.
  If, like me, that is a bit too outdoorsy for your taste, this is also a great time of year to get outside and listen to local music. There are live bands playing on Thursday and Saturday night in Pine Square downtown and lots of local bars have bands playing in their outside areas.
  The Lycoming County Fair still has a few more days to go too! Ahhhh…fair food. Little makes me happier that eating my way through a fair or carnival. Funnel cake, deep fried – well anything, cotton candy, French fries with vinegar and ice cream!
  Speaking of ice cream… apparently, Ronald Regan appreciated ice cream almost as much as I do and proclaimed the 3rd Sunday in July to be National Ice Cream day in 1984. Not that I need one, but I think this a great excuse to pack up the family and head out for some ice cream. We have several local ice cream shops to choose from, all offering an amazing variety of flavors!
  I am slightly fascinated by all of these National “Fill-in-the-Blank” Days. There is a National Day for just about anything you can think of. July alone has a National Pina Colada Day, Pecan Pie Day, French Fry Day, Cow Appreciation Day, Crème Brulee Day, Daiquiri Day and Tequila Day (Apparently, July is a bit of a boozy month). National Hot Dog Day and National Vanilla Ice Cream Day both fall on the 23rd…there I just solved your dinner plans for that night for you!
  But August – that’s where it’s at. August brings us National S’mores Day on the 10th, and if that isn’t quite enough for you, National Marshmallow Day is on August 30th. I can’t think of a better reason to build a fire and stay up late roasting marshmallows and making S’mores with the family! It’s practically your patriotic duty! August also boasts National Chocolate Chip Day AND National Banana Split Day. At this rate September might need a National My Diet Starts Today Day!
  These National Days are just what you need to keep your family busy this summer. You could plan a lot of great family-friendly activities around a lot of these days. If you need inspiration, I’m sure Pintrest could keep you busy for a while! I’m betting there are lots of fun things to do on National Walk on Stilts Day and National Take Your Pants for a Walk Day both of which are on July 27th!
  I want to take a minute to say congratulations and best wishes to my very dear friends JP and Tara. They are saying “I Do” this weekend and I wish them a lifetime of happiness. Erik and I are looking forward to sharing your special day with you! Remember JP – Happy Wife, Happy Life.
  All of us at Webb Weekly would like to extend our deepest sympathy to Lou Hunsinger Jr. He lost his wife last week after a year-and-a-half long battle with leukemia. Lou, we are so sorry for your loss and are praying for you and your family.