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Time is Flying


I can’t believe that we are already in the third week of July. Time sure flies when you are having fun!
  We are just getting into the ‘dog days of summer’ and I have to say, I am really looking forward to them. We haven’t had much summer-like weather so far.
  This is the time of year that I was made for – everything running at a slightly slower pace, long days and warm nights that were made for sitting on the porch with my Kindle. My neighbors must think I’m crazy with the amount of time I spend sitting on my front porch reading!
  Before we know it, it will be time for the Little League World Series and back to school, but in the mean time I am just happy to enjoy what remains of summer!
  I see that there are big plans in the works for the eastern end of Williamsport. As a current ‘East Ender’ and one from way back, I am happy to see the city improvements edge their way to my end of the city.
  The Mayor’s proposed plan includes a new parking structure, retail and commercial space. It would nice to see some retail space in that area – I don’t always have the patience to navigate the traffic on the Golden Strip. Ok, that’s only kinda true – I just really like to shop, and if I have the ability to hit multiple stores without getting in my car between each one, I’m in!
  There seems to be a lot of people who balk whenever the subject of development and expansion comes up in the city. Oddly enough, these seem to be a lot of the same people who boast about how amazing downtown was years ago. This expansion, along with what is already happening downtown could be exactly what this city needs to bring back some of what everyone loved about the downtown of yesteryear – with modern updates – like maybe a food truck or two, because that would be amazing!
  Just for a minute, let’s talk parking. I keep hearing, “Another parking deck? This city doesn’t need more parking!” I beg to differ. If you head downtown on a typical Friday or Saturday night parking is tough to find. People often end parked at Kohl’s or Wegmans – and this is a typical weekend night. Don’t get me started on First Fridays or big events like the 4th of July. My husband and I went downtown for the 4th. The closest we could get to downtown was near Lycoming College. So yes, I think more parking could do the city good. Not to mention, parking in the decks adds revenue to the city, which in turn allows further improvement in the city.
  Now, if the city would just do something about the alleys in East End that would be a great way to cap off the improvements! Those of us who have had to adopt the philosophy of ‘learn to navigate the alleys or move’ know what I mean.
  So, right before the Fourth of July, Erik and I had the distinct honor of representing Webb Weekly during Military Appreciation Night at the Crosscutters game. After some coaxing from the hubby and a story from Congressman Marino, I threw out one of the first pitches for the game. I did pretty well – well I didn’t embarrass myself so I suppose that’s all I can ask for.
  I have to say the ceremony the Cutters held before the game honoring local veterans and their families was really great. I know it makes all of us at Webb Weekly proud to be a part of remembering those who have served and are currently serving from our area.
  Be sure to keep an eye out next spring when the Crosscutters will be taking nomination for next year’s recipients.