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Springing into the Season


First and foremost, I want to say thank you. Thank you to all of the members of the community that helped make my series of articles on heroin a success. Everyone who helped me to gather the information I needed to get the facts and truth of the situation out to the community. I also want to thank everyone who called and emailed in response to the articles.
  Since my articles recently have been so heavy, and since *knock on wood* we seem to be on our way out of the death grip of winter, I think it is time to lighten up!
  So, let’s talk about spring! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, I am waiting on baited-breath for the flowers and trees to start blooming!
  Ahem, gentlemen – I am about to get all sorts of girly right about now, so you may want to consider moving along…
  Ok, now that they are gone, let’s talk about what I am really waiting on baited-breath for…
  New clothes! New makeup! New shoes! New purses! Are you catching my theme here?
  It is time to start thinking about packing up all those heavy sweaters and boots. I don’t know about you, but I am so over knee boots, sweaters and scarves! I am ready for a new season!
  New York Fashion Week back in September brought us pretty pastels in tailored shapes that are easily translatable from runway to ready-to-wear. I also saw fewer skinny pants and more wide leg silhouettes.
  If you are feeling brave and have been dedicated to the gym this winter, crop-tops are looking to be a big spring trend also. Pair your crop-tops with higher waisted pants or shorts to maintain sophistication and modesty. It is all about the peek of skin.
  Since Mother Nature is still being a bit snarky and unpredictable, you can transition some of your winter staples into spring by pairing black and white. Black and white graphic prints are particularly popular this spring.
  If you are feeling more feminine have no fear. Pretty floral prints were all over the runways also.
  While in NYC last weekend I noticed an emerging trend that I am really unsure of. Flannels, chunky heels, Dr. Martens…apparently the 90s are coming back for a second round. I am certainly surprised by the trend, as I don’t generally associate the 90s as a great period in fashion, especially considering that a good amount of 90’s fashion was a knock-off of 70’s fashion. Though, I did appreciate the startling number of pairs of Converse that I saw, as those have been a go to for me for years!
  Speaking of the 1990s, I hope you didn’t yard sale that bedazzler! Embellishments and beads are looking to be big this spring.
  Heels may be getting chunkier, but jeweler is taking a turn for the smaller. Trade out bulkier jewelry for a couple of delicate pieces. Stacking rings and bracelets in different tones (I am loving rose gold and silver) is a pretty approach to spring accessories.
  Bright, bright, bright seems to be the trend when it comes to nails and makeup! Neon manis and bright pops of color in makeup seem to be the go to. This makes me a happy girl as little entertains me more than an obnoxiously bright manicure!
  Remember ladies, if you are going to go bright with your makeup, keep it simple. Pick one feature to go bright with. Try pairing neon eyeliner with a neutral lip, or a bright orange lip with simple winged eyeliner.
  Thanks to models like Cara Delevingne strong brows are all the rage right now. No more over plucking and waxing! Now it is all about thicker, bolder eyebrows. They are becoming an accessory themselves!
  There seems to be an ‘anything goes’ attitude regarding hair for spring and summer. The only thing I know for sure is that the ombre trend seems to be on its way out. Other than that, it is dealer’s choice. From pixies to bobs, purple (if you happen to be a certain Webb Weekly Editor) to platinum and everything in between.
  Spring is a fantastic time to try something new. Test out a new lipstick or hair color. Take a chance on a fashion trend. You never know what this time of renewal will bring you.