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Taking Better Care…


So my birthday is Sunday. We won’t discuss how old I am turning, but suffice it to say I will be old enough that taking better care of my health needs to become a bigger priority.
  So I am officially on a mission of better health.
  Now is the time for more exercise, eating better, drinking more water and taking better care of my skin.
  I’m not gonna lie – I’m a little overwhelmed just typing all that. So let’s take one at a time. First on the priority list is drinking more water.
  I am, admittedly, chronically dehydrated. It’s not just that I don’t drink enough water; I generally don’t drink much of anything during the day. Post-morning coffee, it isn’t unusual for me to not drink anything else until after dinner. Please don’t yell at me, I know this is bad.
  I have recently made some pretty severe cutbacks to the amount of coffee I drink daily, so that problem has only increased in recent weeks.
  My goal is to drink around 60 ounces of water per day.
  I’m starting the day out right by drinking 8 ounces while waiting for my coffee to brew in the morning.
  From there I am armed with my phone and my fancy-schmancy Yeti cup.
  I’m pretty tech savvy, so I downloaded an app to help me along. I found a really cool one called Plant Nanny, which lets you use the water you drink to help ‘grow’ plants. Input your water intake or your poor plant suffers and won’t grow – or worse you kill it. It kinda reminds of the Tamagotchi things from when I was a kid.
  I’m armed with the Yeti cup because I pretty much hate warm/room temperature water and that Yeti cup will keep something hot or cold for 8 hours with ease. Meaning I can put ice in it in the morning and the ice will stay through multiple refills throughout the entire day.
  Next on the list is to start exercising more. Yoga being the workout of choice. Yoga is great for multiple reasons. Not only does it aid in weight loss, strength and flexibility – all of which are key for staying healthy, but it also helps to keep you focused mentally and helps reduce stress.
  As for skincare, I’m fairly lucky. Thanks to good genetics, I have pretty good skin. Therefore taking better care of it should be fairly simple. Better moisturizers, sunscreen and remembering to take my makeup off at night should cover the basics. Regular masks and scrubs are just bonuses. Really it’s the remembering to take my makeup off at night that is the tough part. I’ve never been good at that.
  You’ll notice I haven’t talked about the eating better thing yet.
  Yeah…this one is going to be the most difficult.
  I know in the past I have written about my penchant for food only a 12-year-old could love. That makes eating healthy a bit of a challenge. But, I am determined to do it. I know my hubby will help me along. For me one of the most difficult parts of eating healthy is deciding what to eat. So if I can get Erik to help me with dinner decisions, I have no problem cooking a healthy meal once it’s been decided what we are having. I can always use suggestions also, so feel free to send me your healthy recipes!
  So there is my game plan for a healthier year. Of course all this will start after one last binge weekend for my bday!