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Webb Weekly is a member of a free newspaper association called the Mid-Atlantic Community Papers Association, or MACPA. MACPA is a network of papers similar to Webb Weekly. The distribution and content varies, but we all share the commonality of being free.
Each year they host a conference for their members. The conference consists of networking with other papers to exchange thoughts and ideas. There are also seminars to help improve sales teams, management and graphics departments.
There is also an advertising and editorial awards presentation each year and I want to take a bit of space to congratulate the Webb Weekly winners.
Obviously, I am extra proud of my husband Erik. He spends all week using his graphic arts skills to make our advertisers look good and he won three well-deserved art awards.
On the editorial side, we had three winners.
Gerry Ayers picked up a first place award in the ‘Personal Column’ category for his article, “My Tuesday Breakfast Club”. That piece was about the people that Gerry meets during his Tuesday morning trips to chemo.
Pastor Tim Hartzell was also a winner. He came in second place in the ‘Personal Column’ category for his piece, “A Grateful Little Leaguer Remembers”. That article was about Tim’s experience as a Little Leaguer and what he learned during those years.
Our final winner was Jamie Spencer. Jamie picked up a third place spot in the ‘News Story’ category for his cover story on Frank Girardi’s induction to the College Football Hall of Fame.
So congratulations guys! All of us at Webb Weekly are incredibly proud of all of you! I am so lucky to have an amazing team of writers behind me.

April Fool’s!
It’s almost April Fool’s Day and I’m here to supply you with some harmless pranks to have a little fun with your friends and family. I always find silly pranks entertaining, so here are some of my favorites!
First up is one to give someone a bit of a scare. So you remember those little popper things that you get around the Fourth of July? The ones you throw on the ground? Well try gently placing them under a toilet seat and wait…
My absolute favorite is one of the easiest to accomplish. Simply wrap a ponytail holder around the sprayer on the kitchen sink. Anyone who turns on the faucet will get an instant shower!
If you want to start someone’s April Fool’s morning off with instant frustration, try painting the soap with clear nail polish. Pre-coffee brains will be super confused as to why the soap isn’t lathering.
TP the bed. While victim is sleeping, roll TP under and over bed so when they wake up, they're stuck!
If you can make it work, try putting an air horn under an office chair. Full disclosure, we may have tried this in the office once without great results.
Take a needle and thread and run it through every pair of underwear in the victim's drawer, so that they are attached in one long string. When they get dressed, they will grab one pair but end up with them all!
Put a small drop of food coloring in center of toothbrush. Make sure to use the same color as the bristles. Watch the confusion as your victim’s teeth/mouth turn blue or green
Finally, there is the best prank of all — the absence of prank. Set your friends/family up to think you've prepped a whole bunch a pranks for them... then do nothing and watch them nervously anticipate tricks that never happen all day.