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Hoppy Easter and Welcome Spring!


Happy Easter Everyone! I hope everyone has a Hoppy and Blessed holiday.
  I am hoping that by the time you read this, my mom and/or mother-in-law has already purchased and opened some Peeps for me. I am convinced the only acceptable way to eat Peeps is stale.
  It is officially Spring! That means it is time for new stuff!
  I got neck deep into spring-cleaning a couple of weeks ago, which led to an inexplicable need for new furniture. The only problem with this is once I get an idea like this in my head, I want it immediately. However, we had to order in the new sectional so I have to wait a couple of weeks for this piece of ‘new’.
  New furniture has also led to a spring home improvement project or two around the house. We have an inconveniently placed chimney in our living room that Erik has decided needs some work. So we are going to tackle the project of re-drywalling it and adding some tile. It will still be inconveniently placed – but it will be pretty.
  You also know that I got a new kitten, which I am discovering is kinda like someone handing you a toddler. Lana is adorable, but much like a toddler she is either at 0 or 100. Which means she is either sleeping or playing with something that is not supposed to be a toy. It’s a good thing she’s cute. J
  I have also been ‘updating’ my spring wardrobe, which really means I’ve been buying new clothes!
  I’ve also started to switch up my makeup a bit too. Time to break out the tinted moisturizer instead of heavier foundations. I like something with a little more weight in the winter because it helps protect my skin from the dry and cold. I also tend to wear darker colors in the winter so I am lightening up my color palette also. The Urban Decay Naked2 palette is perfect for spring since it has some really great neutrals that work with the majority of skin tones and has some great rosy and purple colors that are perfect for spring.
  Speaking of lightening things up, the hair needs a refresh too! Spring is a great time to try out a new hair color. Last year I was a little bold and did pink and purple on the underneath of my hair. This year I am going a bit more subtle with a purple-y/maroon all over color.
  I’ve also been keeping my eye out for cute jewelry-like headbands. I am not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination, so I get up in the morning with barely enough time to do a basic shower/hair/makeup routine. So a cute headband is something I can throw on and look like I did something special with my hair, without actually doing anything special with my hair. Win-win all around. Plus it’s like adding an extra piece of jewelry. Working on a computer all day means bracelets and longer necklaces can be difficult to wear since they end up hitting my desk and being in the way.
  That’s all the ‘new’ that I will spring will be bringing to my life – what about you?