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When to Adopt a Pet…


As y’all know, I lost my furbaby Max in January. He was one of my best friends and I miss him terribly. Then, less than a month later we also lost another furbaby, Baby. She was the High Queen of the Nordstrom household, and while she didn’t rule with an iron fist, she did always get to eat first. Now hubby and I are kind of at a loss without them. They had been together for almost 18 years, and with us for 15 of those.
  We still have one furbaby, Stormy. Stormy is the baby of the house; he is one of the most laidback cats I have ever come across. However, right now Stormy is sad. He lost his two besties too. So now he is often found wandering the house caterwauling. It’s a little bothersome and a lot heartbreaking. Which has led Erik and I to wonder, how long do you wait after the loss of a pet to adopt again?
  I’ve done a lot of interwebbing and haven’t been able to find a firm answer.
  Bring in a new pet too soon and the other may resent them. However, Stormy seems very lonely. He was only a few months old when we got him, he’s now around 10, and he’s never really been alone so I don’t think he’s adjusting well to being by himself. He’s a pretty social cat, both with humans and Max and Baby (whether they wanted him to be or not.)
  Erik and I both grew up pretty much always having more than one pet – him with a combination of cats and dogs, me with two cats. So having just one pet in the house is a little odd for us also.
  So I did what I always do – I went back to the interwebz. I do think Stormy, Erik and I are ready for a new friend, so I started hitting up the SPCA and LAPS sites.
  With Stormy being an older male, we think it would be best to bring in a younger female so that he doesn’t feel like he’s being ‘challenged’ by a new cat. I have always wanted a tortoiseshell cat, so I went out in search of a young, female tortoiseshell.
  Guys! Guys! I think I found her! I came across a little beauty at the SPCA. I may have, kinda, sorta, maybe, went around Erik and visited her at the SPCA before I told Erik about her. She’s new to the SPCA (she had only been there two days) so she’s a bit skittish, but hopefully with some love and affection, she’ll come out of her shell (no pun intended.)
  So tonight Erik and I are off to see if maybe we can give this little girl her forever home. Wish us luck! I’ll let you know how things went next week.
  Max and Baby will always have a special place in my heart (and if my future tattoo plans come to fruition, literally on my heart), but Erik and I have so much love to give a cat in need and I think we are ready to do that for another furbaby.