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Pig Skin Predictions


In true Webb Weekly tradition it is time for some Super Bowl predictions. I have scoured the Valley talking to anyone and everyone to see how everyone thinks the 50th Super Bowl is going to play out.
  First around the office…
  I am putting my Mom first, because for some reason my Mom has been a Denver fan for as long as I can remember. I think it had something to do with a crush on John Elway despite the fact that he looks like a horse. Anyway, unsurprisingly she is predicting a Denver win, 34-27.
  Kristy says, “We predict 23-17 Broncos.” Now Kristy is an animal lover, so I wouldn’t be all that surprised to find that she had a mouse in her pocket, but I’m assuming the ‘we’ would be her and Matt.
  Hubby is taking the Panthers 24-17. He was too sick to give me a reason, so we are just going with it.
  Ron is selling a 23-21 Broncos win.
  Bill is sketching out a 27-16 Panther win.
  Webb Weekly newbie, Charlie, is making a first time prediction of 17-14 Carolina.
  Larry thinks Carolina is going to manage a 38-24 win.
  Jimmy hit up the Sock basketball sideline before deciding on his own prediction. First he talked to longtime Lancer Coach and Number One Fan Pedie McDonald. Pedie says, “The Broncos – Peyton Manning has the same name as my Dad and I.”
  Jimmy also chatted with Lancer Statistician and teacher Kim Masetti. Her prediction? “The Broncos. Got to go with the who beat my fav, the Steelers.”
  After taking their opinions into careful consideration Jimmy has decided that they have the right idea, “I got to go with Kimmy. If it’s not going to be the Black & Gold, the Broncos are destined in Peyton’s last year. ‘This one is for Pedie.’”
  Next up, I went to my Squad – my group of closest friends – more commonly referred to as the ‘News Team’. Most of the News Team is leaning heavy towards a Panthers win.
  Seth is taking the Blue & Black 37-21.
  Jimmy says, “28-24 Broncos. Peyton wants to retire on top and this is Cam’s first time at the big show, he’s got some lessons to learn.”
  Dustin has the Panthers winning 24-17.
  Jeff is taking the Panthers to win. He then proceeded to make a joke about AARP and Peyton Manning, but honestly, I was so surprised Jeff knew who Peyton Manning is that I forgot the joke itself.
  Danielle is finishing out the News Team predictions with a Carolina win as well.
  So have you heard the news? Webb Weekly is a proud sponsor of PA Sports Live. You can head to to live stream local basketball and wrestling from around the area. Now that I have finished with the shameless self-promotion, says that the Panthers are going to win by 10.
  Ken DiRocco over at Impact Advertising is marketing a Denver win – I mean a Carolina win… I’ll just let him explain, “Both have good defenses, Denver's is probably better, better secondary and down linemen, linebackers for both are very good. Neither team has a dominant running game, but capable runners. Denver has better receivers, but Carolina has that air of invincibility right now, they believe they can beat anyone, but the hype and constant unyielding press from Super Bowl week might unbalance them as it has so many first time teams to the Super Bowl. At least that's what I'm hoping for. I am rooting for Denver 30-24. But the safe money is on Carolina 20-17.”
  Lou Hunsinger Jr. thinks Carolina will have a storied ending and win by 17.
  Pastor Tim Hartzell had this to preach, “I’m a Steeler’s fan, so I’m sticking with the AFC and the Broncos. I almost went with Cam Newton and the Panthers just because I’m not a big fan of Peyton Manning’s Nationwide commercials. But since he’s older than me, I’d like to see him pull off a win. (Peyton is 39 and I’m 51. In football years, that makes him much older than me.) My prediction: Denver 24, Carolina 21. With Big Ben and the Steelers on the sidelines, I’ll probably be more interested in the snacks and the commercials than the game.”
  Can’t have a sports discussion without including Scott Lowery. He said, “I’ve always been a Peyton Manning fan and would like to see him go out on top. He can’t throw the long ball much anymore and is susceptible to the pass rush, so my pick is more about my heart than my gut. I’ll shakingly take class over flash. Denver 26-24.”
  Mike O’Brien went fishing for a prediction and decided to follow his heart and hook a 26-24 Denver victory.
  Zac Baggett is feeling a little sore that his Pats didn’t make it to the big game this year, so all he had to say was, “27-17 Panthers.”
  Gerry Ayers tossed his thoughts into the ring also, “Blue team beats the Orange team by a score of 28 to 13 – at least. Cam Newton is lean and mean and can run or throw. Manning's wobbly knees trying to sprint or take hits is painful for him and us. Youth will be served, and I don't just mean having TD balls handed out to kids in the end zone!”
  Bernadette Ulsamer consulted with her other half and they came to a split decision. Bernadette says Denver is going to win, but has no score idea and Mr. Keller thinks the Panthers are going to take it by at least a touchdown.
  Barry Jones from Bill McIntyre Chevy sees the Panthers traversing their way to a 28-17 win.
  Mike Rupert from Rupert’s Specialty Meats is carving out a close 28-21 Carolina win.
  I chatted up ‘CI’ over at Loyalsock High School and his prediction from the paint is, “The Orange defense will smother the Panthers 28-24. Manning will go out as a winner!”
  Rick Quigley from over at Fairfield is calling a 28-24 Panther win…seems like a fair deal.
  Ed Schuller from Keystone Furniture is playing armchair quarterback and calling a close one with Denver rocking Carolina 17-10.
  Brock Trunzo from Jersey Shore Hospital is thinking that Carolina will take a healthy 35-24 lead over Denver.
  Reporting from the 19th hole, Jamie Spencer from White Deer Golf Course says, “I’m rooting for both teams, but I would have to pick the Carolina Panthers to win by 9. 23-24. Denver has a great defense, but it’s Cam Newton’s year.”
  Janice Hiller from Beiter’s thinks that the Broncos will couch the competition with 31-28 win.
  Personally, I’m not much of a football fan. I am really just in it for hot wings, pizza and the commercials. If I have to make a prediction, I think I’ll take the Broncos 27-17 – mostly because my Mom scares me a bit and has a tendency to pinch.