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Super Bowl Predictions



It’s that time of year again! Time for food, friends and football! In true Webb Weekly tradition, I have some Super Bowl predictions from our staff and customers. I am going to keep this intro short because, y’all, I have so many bad puns to get to, so without further ado…
  Mike O’Brien thinks the difference in score will be as small as those midge flies he was discussing in his article last week. He’s hoping for a 31-30 Falcons win.
  Hubby and graphic artist, Erik, is also taking the Dirty Birds to win. He’s designing a 28-13 win.
  I tried to get some predictions from my Facebook group chats, but honestly? My friends get distracted easily. All I got was something about Skittles winning 42-31 and a Tom Brady cry-count.
  Scott Lowery is sporting more serious thoughts on the big game, “Sadistic football fans may be rooting for Patriots just to see how Commissioner Roger Goodell handles handing over the Super Bowl trophy in light of his ‘Deflate Gate’ suspension of Tom Brady. With the Falcons rated as the NFL’s best total offense and passing offensive team and the Patriots right behind as number 3 and 2 respectively, the game has all the makings of a shoot-out. Conventional wisdom says Patriots. I’m going with Falcons QB Matt Ryan to emerge from the shadows of the league’s big name QBs and lead his team to a 38-24 victory. FALCONS.”
  Jimmy is publishing this prediction, “You can’t bet against Coach Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. The Patriots will win again and again and again. New England 38, Atlanta 24.”
  Bernadette Ulsamer fashioned up this prediction, “I predict at least one wig-change up during Lady Gaga's halftime show, which will overall be a-mazing! Also the Patriots to win.”
  Tom Barnes at Steve Shannon seems to be a little tired of the Pats, but predicts they will win 27-24.
  The Webb Weekly sales staff got in the fun too. Ron Mingle is trying to sell me on a 31-28 Patriots win, and Charlie Gizenski is repping a 38-21 ATL win.
  Pastor Tim has faith in the Falcons and my favorite chips, “With Big Ben and the Steelers out of the hunt, I’ll be more interested in the commercials. I think Doritos will have a good showing. Atlanta by 14.”
  Rick Quigley from Fairfield thinks that it is a fair assessment that the Falcons are going to drive through the New England defense and pick up a 24-21 win.
  Larry Stout thinks experience is going to win the day, “New England 35, Atlanta 31. This promises to be one of the best Super Bowls ever, but I believe it may start slow and then pick up, especially in the second half. On paper Atlanta has a better team, but New England possesses the experience.  That edge is especially true of their quarterback.  Like him or not, Tom Brady might be the best player of our time, and he shines in the spotlight. I wouldn't bet against him.”
  Resident historian and sports connoisseur Lou Hunsinger Jr. thinks experience will be on the Pats side also, “New England 35, Atlanta 14. New England has the NFL’s best defense and Atlanta the best offense. Most of the time in these types of match-ups the defense prevails. In addition I believe New England has the strong edge in coaching and quarterbacking. Bill Belichick is a cagey and experienced coach and Tom Brady is a phenomenal quarterback and knows how to win the big game.”
  Planet Mom lives in a world where the Falcons win 49-38.
  Paul Schwarzer from State Farm has insured me that Atlanta will pick up extra coverage and beat the Pats 35-28.
  Brett Crossley is the newest addition to the Webb Weekly stable. It turns out he also has an extensive sports background, here is his insight on the game, “It’s a classic matchup of one of the best defenses against the best offense. The defense often times has had the advantage in these matchups. Think about the 2007 Patriots and their unstoppable offense. Then think about the Giants and their middle of the road defense. The Patriots have a much better defense than the 2007 Giants had, and they should be able to get to Matt Ryan or limit his options, namely Julio Jones. I like the Patriots ability to take away a team’s best offensive weapon. That will be Jones this week. The Falcons will need somebody else to step up. Mohamed Sanu might end up having a big game if the Patriots do enough to take Jones out of the game. Points will be scored, but it will be a game-changing turnover or stop that will prove to be the difference in the NFL’s 51st version of America’s biggest game. Final score: Patriots 34, Falcons 31.”
  Much like myself, Gerry Ayers has food on the brain. He said, “My prediction this year involves food not teams. Hot wings are a five-point underdog to pizza. So make it double cheese, and now pass the chips and dip please.”
  Resident cartoonist and webmaster, Bill Stanford, is drawing up a 31-24 Pats win.
  Kristy consulted with her other half and they decided that the Falcons are going to come out on top 27-24.
  Mom wanted to keep her guess classified, but I talked her into sharing her 35-14 Pats prediction.
  Williamsport Bureau of Police Captain Jody Miller is taking the democratic approach. He thinks the team with the most points is going to win and then they will go to Disney! Nope, no pun here I thought it was time to give it arrest.
  OK, OK, I swear I’m done now. I’ve got all the terrible puns out of my system!
  Fun fact: while I grew up in the area, I was actually born just north of Atlanta. I have been a die-hard Braves fan for as long as I can remember. While I’m not much a football fan and really just watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and food, I have to stick with the ‘hometown’ team on this one. I think the Birds are gonna take it 28-21.