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Is it Spring Yet?


   We are officially in my least favorite time of the year. There are a couple times over the course of the season that I love winter. There are those days that it is really cold, but the sun is shining really bright and reflecting off of the snow and everything looks sharp and clean and I love those snowy nights when you go outside and hear nothing but quiet.
  But now? Now, I am officially over it. I’m not particularly outdoorsy (and by particularly, I mean I don’t like to go outside unless it is to go inside someplace else), so skiing, sledding, etc., doesn’t really do it for me. There is little in the world that I dislike more than cleaning snow off my car – and speaking of my car, it is currently covered in salt, something else I am less than fond of. So winter doesn’t have much to offer this girl other than cute boots and scarves.
  So I am thinking spring. I am imagining the first daffodils popping up in the yard. I’m picturing green grass and temperatures that I can’t see my breath in. At this point, I’m not even looking for 80 degree temperatures, just something warmer than the 12 degrees with below zero wind-chill that we are experiencing while I write. You know it’s bad when I would take weather in the 30s as a practical heat wave! I am also thinking ahead to baseball season. More fresh cut grass, peanuts and Cracker Jacks and the first home runs of the season. As always, I will be rooting on my Braves and once again hope that this is their season. Maybe a trio of team members being recently inducted into the Hall of Fame will spur them into action.
  There is one last winter activity that I am looking forward to – the Super Bowl. I’m not a huge football fan (and am disappointed that the 49ers aren’t making an appearance), but I do enjoy watching the big game every year – mostly for the commercials. But as is Webb Weekly tradition it’s time for some predictions.
  I’m calling it a Bronco’s win – 32-17. Should be interesting in the Nordstrom household as the hubby is taking the Seahawks 30-17. At least my mom is with me. She’s been a Broncos fan for as long as I can remember and has them winning 30-17. Our Traffic Manager Kristy consulted with her other half and her and Matt are taking Denver 21-17. Sales Rep Ron Mingle has apparently been colluding with Matt and Kristy, as he is also thinking about a 21-17 Denver win. Our other sales rep Dick Kaiser is also taking Denver, he’s calling the score at 24-17. Rounding out an all but united office (thanks Erik) General Manager Larry Andrews is also taking the Denver sideline predicting a 31-24 final score.
  Jimmy Webb wouldn’t be Jimmy if he didn’t go off the grid a bit. He probably has the most interesting call of all. He said the score will be Denver 31, San Francisco 21. According to Jimmy, “Commissioner Goodell will award the NFC title to the 49ers after watching film of the game versus Seattle and realizing that three blind mice could have done a better job than the officiating crew. In the end Peyton will be too much for the Niner’s defense without Navorro Bowman.”
  Tom Springman down at the Country Store says the Seahawks are going to win 28-24. Maybe Tom should stick to providing Super Bowl snacks!
  Gabe Sinicropi over at Bowman Field says, “Seattle’s defensive line will pressure Manning, but he still comes out a winner.  Broncos 31, Seattle 17.” I knew I liked that guy.
  Folks sure do want to see the Broncos win. Webb Weekly writer and Lycoming County United Way Executive Director, Scott Lowery says, “It is a predication from the heart, not necessarily the head. I like the good guys to come out on top. Broncos 38, Seahawks 24.”
  Mike O’Brien went fishing for a guess and thinks the Broncos are going to catch the big one with a 30-20 win.
  Education writer, Tom Cordell is making an educated guess that Denver will take by 14.
  In his typically jaded way, when asked if he had a Super Bowl prediction, Gerry Ayers said, “Yes. It's going to be cold and may snow.” Well, he’s probably not wrong.
  So there they are. Can’t wait to see if anyone calls it exactly. Be sure to post your predictions on the Webb Weekly Facebook page!

  I want to extend a welcome to the newest member of the Webb Weekly team. Rita Shkurko, a senior at Loyalsock High School will be joining us as an intern until June. Rita is originally from St. Petersburg Russia and will be majoring in journalism when she starts college in the fall. Rita is going to be our link to schools. We are really looking forward to seeing her upcoming article about the schools and students in our area.