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Winter Hobbies


So we are officially back to our regularly scheduled programming. Everyone is back to work and heading back to school. We are back to working normal schedules and New Year’s Resolutions have long been forgotten.
  So now that winter has officially hit the area what are we going to do until spring?
  Since we all know, I’m not much for outside activities; I’ve been known to take on some indoor hobbies over the years to get through the winter. I also don’t have a particularly long attention span so usually these hobbies are pretty short lived.
  There was the year I took up cross-stitching, and the year a tried to learn to sew. All that I have to show for that is a box full of embroidery thread and one half finished apron.
  Last year I tried my hand a brewing beer. It turned out ok if you like a Miller Lite type beer – I do not.
  There was the year of the puzzles, which is wholly more difficult with cats.
  There was the year I tried collecting comics books, and there was the year I tried my hand at video games.
  So I’m trying to figure out how to kill some time this winter. Obviously, I will be doing plenty of reading, but I thought maybe I could try my hand at something else also.
  Knitting? I used to know how to knit as a kid, but I’m not sure that I remember. I’m sure YouTube could teach me.
  My sister-in-law is super crafty and has a blog dedicated to recipes and crafts. A lot of the crafts are centered around ‘upcycling’ so maybe I could try my hand at that.
  Adult coloring books seem to be all the rage right now too. These actually look really cool. Supposedly coloring does wonders for stress levels too. This really may be a frontrunner this winter.
  One thing I have already started to do is a ‘busman’s holiday’ of sorts. Since a lot of the books I read are published by indy authors, they often can’t afford good editing/proofreading services, so I have been offering my services to some of the authors I enjoy reading, but are just getting started in the publishing game. They get some extra editing help and I get to read books before they hit Amazon – win/win!
  Cooking is another potential winter hobby. Since Erik is insistent that my penchant for hot dogs and burritos is ‘unhealthy’ and going to ‘give me a heart attack’ we are working on eating healthier. I need to use the Internet for something other than Imgur and dig up some healthy new recipes to try this winter.
  Cooking could then lead to another winter time killer. Couponing. Again, using the Internet for good instead of evil, I could gather coupons to save on all those fantastic recipes I am looking for. That means a healthier me, and a healthier budget.
  What about you? What kind of hobbies do you have that helps kill the winter blues? Drop me an email or post it on our Facebook page and maybe I’ll write about trying your hobby this winter!