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Viewing Webb Weekly Live on your Computer or Smart Phone

(Specific Smart Phone Tips are at the bottom of this page)


If the time is Ten O’Clock and it’s Wednesday morning, Webb Weekly Live is streaming or broadcasting over the internet. The Broadcast feed comes directly from YouTube, and there are several places and web sites where Webb Weekly Live can be viewed.

Directly under the Webb Weekly logo in the top left corner of our website, there are several buttons and logos you can click to watch Webb Weekly Live.

If you click on the button that says “Click Here to Watch”, the browser will jump down to the approximate place on the page where Webb Weekly Live Can be viewed.

If you click on the red Webb Weekly Live button (that is under the Click Here to Watch button), it will take you to the Webb Weekly Live Facebook page. You DO NOT NEED a Facebook account to watch. The broadcast WILL STILL PLAY. If a window pops up and asks you to sign in or join, under "sign in" there are words that say “NOT NOW”. Just click “NOT NOW”.

If you click on the blue F or FACEBOOK logo (that is under the Click Here to Watch button), it will take you to the Webb Weekly Facebook page. Again, you DO NOT NEED a Facebook account to watch. The broadcast WILL STILL PLAY. If a window pops up and asks you to sign in or join, under "sign in" there are words that say “NOT NOW”. Just click “NOT NOW”.

Or click on the white YouTube button, to go to the Webb Weekly YouTube page. The broadcast will play live there and you do not need an account to watch.

If you have a Smart Phone, you can download the Webb Weekly App, and when you open the app, at the very bottom is a LIVE button where Webb Weekly Live can be watched.


These are basic troubleshooting tips to help you watch Webb Weekly Live. Please review them to see if they can help you and the viweing problem you may be having. We have experienced specific problems with Internet Explorer not playing Webb Weekly Live. Please click on the link below if you are experiencing viewing difficulty while using Internet Explorer.
Please Click HERE for Troubleshooting Internet Explorer

Problems Viewing Webb Weekly Live on your Computer or Smart Phone.

Step 1. Check Internet access.
Step 2. Clean cache & browsing history.
Step 3. Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.
Step 4. Turn on JavaScript.
Step 5. Tweak firewall settings and check your PC for a malware.
Step 6. Disable unnecessary browser plugins.
Step 7. If you use an old version or an old devices generation, YouTube may be not available.
Step 8. Check if you have enough and space in your system’s RAM.

If that list sounds like a foreign language, don’t panick! - read on for explanations & instructions…

The broadcast or stream, can be easily viewed on the Webb Weekly website. The Webb Weekly Live box has a “PLAY” arrow in the center. At 10AM Wednesday morning, if the broadcast or stream has not automatically started here, click on the “PLAY” button in the center and our broadcast should start.

If you click the “PLAY” button and the message -“This Stream is OFFLINE” - appears, the broadcast likely has not yet started. It will probably start shortly. If you think this message is appearing too long, you should “refresh” which will cause the browser to re-check with the web server.

If you are not sure how to refresh, on your keyboard hit the control (Ctrl) and F5 button at the same time, for a Windows computer. If you are using a Mac, on the keyboard hit Apple + R or Cmd + R.

There are instances that Webb Weekly Live won't play as it should, takes a very long time to load, just stops abruptly, or a message appears that the Stream will be starting soon - but it never starts. If it doesn’t start, that usually means that there is a problem with your browser or computer. NOT a serious problem, just something that is stopping the broadcast or stream from working properly. Sometimes it's a memory issue and can be fixed as easily as refreshing the browser or restarting the browser. Sometimes if your computer has not been restarted for awhile, restarting your computer will clear the clogged-up memory.

If for some reason it simply refuses to play, here are some other things to consider:

1. Change Firewall settings.
Sometimes, YouTube is blocked by a firewall, which leads to improper video playback. So, you need to change firewall settings and make YouTube website as a trusted one. Webb Weekly Live originates from a YouTube feed, so YouTube must work correctly on your computer or device. There is more about firewalls farther below.

2. Temporarily disable ad or pop-up blocking software, such as Norton, McAfee, Avast, or any other anti-virus software. They could possibly stop the video feed.

If Webb Weekly Live STILL Doesn’t Play…

If you spend hours waiting while it’s trying to start but it just doesn’t, it may be that your Internet connection is not fast enough to watch live video. Since web video is a heavy bandwidth consumer, you need a fast Internet connection to watch even low-quality videos.

Or your computer has a Full Browser Cache

A lot depends on your browser and its ability to play streaming videos. Sometimes, it happens that your temporary Internet files folder (browser cache) is full, so you need to empty it.

Solution: If you use Internet Explorer 9,
click Tools >Settings menu >Safety >Delete Browsing History.

Select Temporary Internet Files. You will also need to uncheck all of the other boxes not to lose important passwords and favorites data.

In Internet Explorer 7 or 8,
Go to Tools > Delete Browsing History.

If you want the browser to automatically clear the cache whenever you close it, select Internet Options from the Tools menu, and check the Delete Browsing history on exit checkbox.

In Internet Explorer, Windows 10 – Edge browser.
To clear cache in it, click on the Hub icon (three horizontal lines at top bar) and select History icon.

You will see Clear all history, click on it. Also you can select Cookies and saved website data and Cached data and files and click Clear.

If you use Firefox, click on the menu in the top right corner. Select History and click Clear Recent History. Make sure Details is expanded, then select Cache from the list. Uncheck everything else.

If you use Chrome 10 or higher, open the browser settings in the upper right corner, then click Show advanced settings located at the very bottom of the Settings section.

Scroll to the privacy section and click Clear browsing data. Select Empty the cache and uncheck all other options to avoid deleting browser history, cookies and other things you may wish to retain.

In older Chrome versions (1- 9), go to Tools menu > Options >Under the Hood tab > Clear Browsing data.

Safari includes a Clear History tool on the main application menu, click on History in the toolbar and at the bottom of it you will find this option. You can choose to clear the last hour or day or whatever you want to. Select the period  from the dropdown list and click Clear History.

Insufficient System Resources

Video playback on a PC requires a significant amount of processing power and space in your system’s memory.

Solution: Close down any unused programs and background utilities to free as many system resources as possible.

Adobe Flash Player update

Almost all YouTube videos use HTML5 player for playing them, but some of the videos still require Adobe Flash Player plugin to be watched in the browser, and Webb Weekly Live originates from a YouTube feed.

Solution: Usually, if you have problems with Flash Player, YouTube informs you about them and offers to install the latest version.

Modern Chrome versions have the plugin preinstalled already and regularly update it. If you use other browsers, make sure that you have Flash Player installed and that you use the latest stable version.

No JavaScript support

Without JavaScript video would run pretty bad, because several video components work without reloading the page (favorites, ratings, comments, the new channel design, related videos, etc.) and require JavaScript.

Solution:  To make sure Javascript is turned on, in Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab > Click on Custom Level. Then scroll down to Scripting (near the bottom) and click on Enable for Active Scripting.

In Microsoft Edge, in order to enable JavaScript, follow the instructions below. The process here is more complicated however.
Go to the Windows icon in the taskbar, then right click and a basic menu will appear – click Run. In the Run dialog type “gpedit.msc”. In the Local Group Policy Editor box, click Computer Configuration. Then select Administrative Templates. Click Windows Components and then choose Microsoft Edge. In the Microsoft Edge section, double click the option that says Allow you to run scripts, like JavaScript. In the script option’s dialog box, select Enabled, then click OK.

In Chrome go to Options, at the bottom of the page, go to Settings and click Show advanced settings. Under Privacy, select the Content settings button. Finally, under the JavaScript heading, select the Allow all sites to run JavaScript. Enable JavaScript.

To enable JavaScript in Firefox 23 and above type In the address bar  “about:config” (without quotes), and press Enter. Click “I’ll be careful, I promise“. In the search bar, search for “javascript.enabled” (without quotes).

For Firefox 22 and below go to  Tools > Options > Content > Enable JavaScript.

Firewall Blockage

Sometimes the video can be blocked by a firewall system on your PC. Firewall is used to help keep a network secure and to control the incoming and outgoing network traffic. Or the problem with not loading videos may be in third-party firewalls like Comodo or McAfee ones.

To see if you're running Windows Firewall:

Click on the Windows Start button, and select Control Panel. The Control panel window will appear.
Click on the Security Center link. The Security Center will appear.
If the Firewall header says ON, you are running Windows Firewall.

Solution: Try turning the firewall off, to see if the video plays. If you have one of the firewall programs installed, just try to disable it and reload your browser to check YouTube videos again. If it helps, you may either uninstall the blocking firewall or add YouTube to the list of authorized websites, since Webb Weekly Live originates from a YouTube feed.

Add-Ons and Plugins

The following add-ons and plugins may have influence on how correctly YouTube works, and Webb Weekly Live originates from a YouTube feed.

1) Any types of web accelerators – if you have one, disable it or select the option “Don’t accelerate this website” for YouTube.

2) Any types of ad blocks – since YouTube has a complicated system of video monetization, some ad blocks may affect video loading.

3) Download plugins – however good and convenient they may seem, various YouTube download plugins not only slow down YouTube work, but make it even impossible.

Solution: Turn them off. 

Troubleshoot playing videos on MOBILE BROWSERS

Are you unable to play any YouTube videos on your mobile device? Webb Weekly Live originates from a YouTube feed. Are videos constantly buffering for you? Here are some troubleshooting steps that fix the most common problems.

1. Reboot your device
Sometimes other apps or low memory can cause problems, and restarting helps to fix those problems.

2. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies

On Android:
1. Open the default browser and open Menu.
2. Tap Privacy & Security.
3. Tap Clear cache and tap OK.
4. Tap Clear all cookie data and tap OK.

On iPhone:
1. From your Home screen navigate to Settings > Safari.
2. Tap Clear cookies.
3. Tap Clear cache.

For instructions on clearing your browser’s cache and cookies on alternate mobile operating systems, please consult your device’s instruction manual.

3. Use a different browser
If the default browser is not playing videos, download an alternate mobile browser such as Google Chrome.

4. Use a different network
If you are unable to play videos on your 3G/4G network, try connecting to a wifi network to see if you can watch videos. If you can watch videos on a wifi network but not on your wireless network, please contact your wireless provider to determine if there are any service issues in your area.

5. Check for the latest system updates
For optimal performance keep your device updated with the latest system updates.

On Android, navigate to Settings > About Phone > System updates and tap Check now.

On iPhones, navigate to Settings > General > Software Update. 

If you are still having issues, please post in the YouTube Mobile and Device forum. To make sure that you get help as quickly as possible, please include the following information in your post:

1. My phone’s make (i.e. Motorola):
2. My phone’s model (i.e. Droid):
3. Wireless carrier:
4. Is this happening over 3G/wifi or both?
5. When did you first notice this issue?
6. What troubleshooting steps have you tried out so far?



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