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 Not Like Mike


Let's get this over with once and for all. LeBron James was never, is not, and will never be the greatest player in NBA history. He could not hold Mike's Gatorade, fit into his Air Jordans or be Bugs Bunny's most trusted sidekick in Space Jam.
  Michael Jordan, for those young folks who didn't watch him play, was the greatest athlete and basketball player I've witnessed. His ability to fly and smile gave birth to the Air Jordan Brand. Why mention his smile? Because what MJ had most of all over Mr. James was his cold-hearted ability to flash those pearly whites with his red-hot desire to WIN!
  He was a gentleman but would step on your throat too win. It didn't matter if it was winning all 6 NBA Finals and being MVP six times or beating Charles Barkley at golf. Michael Jordan was all about winning.
  Rumor was back in the early 90s while filming a McDonald's commercial Jordan and Larry Bird broke out into a full-fledged game of H.O.R.S.E. off the script. If you remember Jordan and Bird would play for a Big Mac. During one of their tapings Mike thought he could take Larry Bird in H.O.R.S.E. and away they went. I don't remember who won, my guess was Larry Bird, however if dunks were allowed MJ would have got him.
  Jordan’s competitiveness and will drove him, his desire to achieve and win made him the greatest player of all time. Along with the ability to fly, defend and score. Let's think back though, Jordan was not a great shooter when he entered the NBA.   His hard work and wanting to be the best, created a sweet bank shot and unbelievable fadeaway jumper and a three point shot when needed that was deadly.
  Just ask the Portland Trailblazers. MJ hit 6 3s in the first half of game one of the NBA Finals and scored 35 in the first half, mostly from outside. The TV camera caught Jordan shrugging his shoulders raising his palms up like, what are you going to do to stop me; and I can't believe how hot I am all at once. Google it kids if you haven’t seen it.
  Michael worked on his game and lead his team toward one thing, winning.
He did it with grace, style and most of all with an unwillingness to allow himself or his team to lose.
  LeBron James’s only titles were cherry picked along with his teammates in Miami. Let's not forget how he bailed on his hometown of Cleveland after losing in the Finals. 
  He left for Miami and the collusion of a new team.  Why? Because he wanted to win a title or two. He should have won four Championships with the cast assembled around him. He was lucky to win two, if Ray Allen doesn't bail him out in game six vs. San Antonio in 2013. The Spurs would have won back to back crowns by now. They dismantled the "James Gang” in last year's Finals.
  James is 2–3 in NBA Finals. MJ's six rings in six tries speaks for itself. Jordan’s Bulls were drafted and pick up as role players in a team concept. Scotty Pippen was his sidekick. Pippen was drafted out of the University of Central Arkansas, that wasn't even a NCAA school.
  They did add Dennis Rodman as a rebounder via free agency, but this was after the Bulls won several titles.
  There was no big time stars brought in like in Miami. A.K.A. Chris Bosch and Ray Allen and of course Dwayne Wade was already there.
  How does Mr. James reward what Miami and G.M. Pat Riley did for him in buying a championship squad?  By heading back to Cleveland this past summer. How's that working out for him?
  LeBron isn't even the best player in the league right now. He may be third or fourth. Who is the best you ask? Simple, Stephen Curry. Watch him.
  I'm not a LeBron hater, I root for the man, he is truly a gifted athlete and fun to watch. But he is no Michael Jordan.
  I won't even get into how much better the NBA as a whole was during Jordan's career compared to LeBron's current schedule.
  One case and point though – who has the best record in the NBA? The Atlanta Hawks.  Now, name me two of their players?
  They win because they play defense and lead the league in assists, that's a story for another time.  The fact that’s a story worthy of me telling you is all you need to know about today’s NBA.
  One last interesting fact about Michael Jordan and his shoe game. 12 years after his retirement his Air Jordan brand is still selling about $100 million in sneaks alone.