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Gun Safety and Responsibility


As you know, I’m a big believer in our 2nd Amendment rights. I believe everyone should know how to properly use a handgun, shotgun and rifle.
  My sons and I enjoy hunting and shooting clay birds. I have yet to teach them to shoot a handgun. A handgun, to me, is a tool for personal protection and safety. I do like to shoot target, but when I have free time I usually choose hunting or clay birds over my handgun.
  There are not many people I know, whether they are 92 years young or 18 years old that can’t properly and safely shoot and handle a firearm. Problem is, I read too many sad stories about accidents involving guns.
  What I have been taught by my father and passed down to my sons is the simplest gun safety rule, but to me the most important – always handle a firearm as if it were loaded. Never point said firearm in the direction of a person or where there could be a person.
  In almost every case of an accidental shooting, if this rule would have been followed, tragedy would have been prevented. Most accidents occur because the gun is loaded and the person handling the gun is unaware of this.
  The worst thing that should happen is a round accidently fires into the ground or in a safe direction where no one is and maybe someone needs a change of underwear.
  A gun should never be pointed at a person or persons, unless being used for personal defense.
  The first thing a gun owner should do after shooting is empty their weapon and double check the chamber, while pointing the gun in a safe direction.
  The first thing a gun owner should do after removing a gun from a safe, locked place and removing the trigger lock, is make sure, that by some mistake, there isn’t a round in the chamber. The gun owner is responsible for the safe keeping, transport and use of the weapon.
  All of this is in the name of safety, but rule #1 – Never point a firearm in the direction of anyone, including your four-legged friends.
  There is a gentleman locally that knows how to teach people how to handle and shoot firearms. Frank Tripoli, of Tripoli’s Triggers. He has the only indoor shooting range and it is just like you see on TV. There are eight state-of-the-art shooting lanes, the target is clipped and sent out to the distance you would like to shoot. We are truly fortunate to have his facility right here is Williamsport.
  Mr. Tripoli and his staff offer classes for the beginner to the most advanced marksman.
  I am telling you about this because of my belief in the 2nd Amendment and a commitment to safety in exercising your freedom of this amendment.
  I want everyone who wants to protect themselves, family and property to not fear the handling of a gun by being educated on safe handling and use in the event it is needed.
  I especially believe in this for women of all ages. I will personally pay for half of the beginner firearm safety course for the first 50 ladies that tells Mr. Tripoli that she would like to take me up on my offer. I pray many ladies take me up and learn to shoot and shoot safely. If you are 60 or over, you could probably twist my arm and I would pay the entire $100.00 course fee.
  If you are a lady and know how to shoot, I will pay half of a more advanced course or a refresher on safe shooting.
  My fellow brothers that are reading this, no worries, I’m not discriminating against you. I will have a program coming up to offer you. Ladies first.
It’s a great time of year to enjoy safe shooting. Take your young son or daughter out and pass on your knowledge. The thrill of shooting at a can with a .22 cricket or moving up to that .243 and shooting targets at 50 or 100 yards is one your child will never forget.
  The smell of gunpowder in the hot summer air as you and your family are busting up clay targets will be passed down to the next generation.
  But let’s be careful out there, and teach our young shooters rule #1 – Treat every gun like it is loaded and of course the rest of the rules of gun safety.
  Ladies, take me up on my offer and call Frank Tripoli 570-326-4181 or stop by and sign up at 531 Washington Blvd.
  If anyone has any questions about safety, training or anything to do with firearms, give this man a call or email him at
  Safety First and God Bless.