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Terrorism and Oil


What has happened in Iraq should come as no surprise to anybody. In 2011, when American forces exited the country it was only a matter of time until a civil war or coup erupted. As I watched President Obama’s press conference at that time, I remember thinking, we have set the Iraqi government up for failure. I agreed with the removal of our troops from Iraq but our national leaders need to realize freedom and democracy is difficult to govern.
  We have enough problems here at home. Americans have enjoyed freedom for 237 years. With freedom comes personal choice, whether it be drugs, violence or any criminal act, you now have the ability to do bad things. It is the civil cost of democracy and freedom. ‘We the people’ are to make up the government and make sure the abusers of freedom and of societal problems are dealt with. ‘We the people’ has been replaced with lifetime politicians, but it still works.
  The problem in Iraq, Afghanistan or in any nation where we want to create freedom and democracy, is that they do not have the strength or understanding to sustain it, the ability to protect and police their people – the will to fight for and earn it themselves.
  In the Middle East, where there are a lot of bad guys, the sword is mightier than the idea of freedom. We united and won our freedom through the Revolutionary War. The price our forefathers paid, and the freedom and democracy they earned has provided the backbone for our great nation. Our country has had to continue to fight, and many Americans have given their lives in protection of that freedom. We even fought ourselves in the Civil War. Freedom isn’t free.
  Unless you have lived in the Middle East or other violent parts of the world, you cannot understand their culture and history. It is survival of the fittest and unless they fight, earn and are the strongest governing body, they are removed – and usually not in a shake-hands-and-see-you-later kind of way.
  As I watched President Obama’s press conference last week I was concerned to hear that a small number of American military could be returning to Iraq to assist the Iraqi forces. He made it clear they were not going for military action, but to assist the Iraqi government and police. What does this mean? Send our folks into a war zone, but they aren’t going to fight – just assist? From the news footage I’ve seen, they better get there quick or there will be no one to ‘assist.’ The Iraqi police and military are surrendering as fast as they can find someone to run to.
  Of course, the ISIS execution of over 2,000 Iraqi government, police and military have created this mass exodus from the current government. If they would have earned it themselves, I don’t think they would give up their freedom so quickly.
  Who are the ISIS – Islamic State in Iraq and Syria? They are an Islamic Fundamentalist terrorist organization. Of course, with ties to Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. They have grown dramatically in recent years and can be found mostly in Iraq, Syria and Turkey.
  They are taking the opportunity of weakness in Iraq to seize the nation in the name of ‘Jihad’.
  Iraq is divided into three main groups. The Sunni Muslims, which are siding with the ISIS, Shia Muslims, and the Kurds, which is made up of Muslim and other religious sects. Those groups have been killing each other for thousands of years.
  Islam is the primary religion in that part of the world. Islamic worshippers are defined as Muslims. There are different groups of Islamic worship, just as there are many different Christian churches.
  They all worship Allah. The radical Islamic groups use Jihad, or simply put, killing in the name of Allah to eliminate the enemy and create terror. It doesn’t matter if you are Muslim, Christian, Jewish or American – if you don’t share their beliefs and are not on their approved list, you are dead.
  So what is the solution to Iraq and the Middle East? American energy independence! You would have thought after what our country went through in the seventies, we would have achieved this by now. The first Gulf War should have awakened us and had us moving toward this goal at warp speed. President Obama is partly to blame, but so are all the past presidents and members of congress who have not made energy independence a priority.
  We are the greatest nation on Earth, blessed by God with an abundance of natural resources. We can accomplish whatever we put our minds, hearts and souls into. If in the past 40 years we would have been committed to solar, wind, and hydroelectric energy – committed to refining our own American crude into energy products, openly supported the developing of the extraction of natural gas and mining and improved clean burning technology for coal, we wouldn’t have this problem. The Middle East and our need of their oil would be a thing of the past!
  Think of the money our friends in Washington have spent in the past four decades on military action and protection, foreign diplomacy, the building of infrastructure and foreign aid. Last time I checked we were sending over $15 billion in a year in aid Middle Eastern nations. Like the richest countries in the world need $15 billion from the U.S.
  Think about all that could have been done in our nation with this money. I’m sure if used for energy independence, we would be there by now.
  Mr. President, do not allow another young Marine to lose a leg, his mind, or his life in some sand trap in Iraq.
  Use our military technology of today to wage any action needed. Get our troops out of Afghanistan. Defend our borders, defend our nation!
  We are not the keepers of the Middle East and Afghanistan.
  To all the politicians who claim to be serving the American people in Washington, we need to become one nation, under God, independent of foreign energy with liberty and justice for all.
  God Bless America.