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The Trojan Horse



It was almost eight years ago when a young energetic well spoken African American Senator from Illinois was elected President. He ran on a platform of change and uniting America. He talked the talk and was polished beyond his years.
  The gates of the White House were opened based on his appearance and promises not on his experience and substance. More should have been concerned about his qualifications and motives. But, they were not. Barack Obama was the savior of America. Just trust him and follow.
  If anyone honestly thought he would bring change for the good and unity with this political poppycock and Wall St. polish then I have some good property to sell you along Lycoming Creek.
  It was obvious he would be about growing government, entitlement programs and redistribution of wealth. He was held off his first term by a divided congress but his true colors were saved for after his re-election. Whether it’s empathy ignorance or the fact he’ll just go around the back door of the House and Senate, they provided little resistance and accountability for Mr. Obama recently.
  As time has gone by Mr. Obama’s agenda has become clear and it is not good for our way of life we enjoy as hardworking proud Americans. Mr. Obama has infiltrated the White House with socialist ideas and appointment of unqualified people to positions of national security. He wants our great nation to become just another country. He wants our military not to operate from a position of strength but of liberal reasoning. He wants our country to be consumed by the world economy and New World order.
  Nothing Mr. Obama does is for the good of America and goes against all common sense. I needed the final straw to pen this article. He provided the straw that broke the camel’s back this past week, negotiating the release of Bowe Bergdahl. Yes, I know he is a Sergeant, but he is not deserving of this military rank of respect.
  Our Commander in Chief released five high level Taliban terrorists. Guantanamo Bay detainees, these are the bad guys, Muslim extremists like the cowards who enacted 9/11. They will always be terrorists and want to kill you and I. They hate us and our way of life.
  Bergdahl is a Army deserter or worse who walked off his post five years ago. American soldiers lost their lives in search of their brother in arms. I watched his father state in an interview he is not in agreement with the presence of U.S. forces in that region and his son didn’t believe in their mission or directives given by his superiors. His father and he don’t give two sticks about our country. Soldiers who served with Bergdahl question his motives and Mr. Obama releases five bad guys for him.    
  During the Civil War a deserter would have been hung or worse. Their property was claimed by the Union or Confederacy. In recent history court martial, military jail time and dishonorable discharge have become the normal punishment.
  Bergdahl’s case is not normal, you don’t survive five years and are released in the condition he is in if captured in Afghanistan. He should be tried for treason.
  How could Mr. Obama do this without even mentioning it to congress? Does he think it is just going to go away? Everything he does is in this manner. He operates outside our laws of government, creates a political or military scandal and moves on to the next. He creates chaos and is not held accountable for his actions. Here are a few just to think about.
  Benghazi – Americans die because of unqualified Ambassador Hilary Clinton. This is failure of the administration to address the situation and protect our embassy. The White House won’t ever give honest answers about Mr. Obama’s location and response at the time of the attack, let alone his lack of knowledge and incompetency of those overseeing the situation. American soldiers were held in limbo while Americans died. Soldiers who are trained to “go to the sounds of gunfire” were told to ignore that instinct.
  The VA Scandal – Do not tell me he didn’t know the severity or you can’t blame him. There are video clips from the last five years of him talking with folks about problems with the Veteran’s Administration on issues from health care to hospital conditions and unreasonable time of treatment. The men and women who serve and defend our country were less of a priority than Obamacare for the non-working. Our service men and women should never have to worry about health care. Mr. Obama knew of the problems and did nothing. He didn’t react because it wasn’t important to him. Important like a deserter named Bergdahl. I’m sure he got first class health care upon his release.
IRS Targeting – Come on Mr. President, just fess up! Everyone knows what was going on. You had the IRS target conservative and Pro-Israel support groups. I better let it alone before he targets me. I consider myself a conservative American. I don’t want any political affiliation. They both need held accountable for their actions.
Military Cuts – With all that’s going on in the world, are you serious Mr. President? This is a matter of national security as we have our troops playing policemen of the world. I believe his goal is to weaken our military, drag it down so it is on par with everyone else.
  It all makes sense. He wants to reward the non-working, create more entitlement programs from the forty something percent that are still paying federal tax and redistribute global power. We don’t want anyone to fear us now do we?
Infringement of Freedom of the Press – The Justice Department performed a massive gathering of Associated Press reporter’s phone records as part of a “leak” investigation of classified material.
  Well I’m not part of the AP so I’m safe here. But really, are you kidding me. Mr. Obama is
the source of leaks. He has compromised identities and classified military information in the name of taking credit for the good work of our armed forces. Look no further than the intel that leaked from this White House after the navy seal team took out Bin Laden. This should have never happened.
  There are so many more issues to discuss but I would run out of paper in the Webb Weekly.
  Hard to believe congress has not gotten off the bench and called for Mr. Obama’s impeachment. Is it empathy, ignorance or weakness? Someone needs to stand up before it is too late.
  Back to the Bergdahl debacle.  As Mr. Obama continues to weaken our country on a world stage, the Taliban and the radical Muslin community celebrates. Not long ago it was Vladimir Putin scoffing at Mr. Obama. How long before someone takes a shot at us? Every wacko organization will view Mr. Obama’s dealings with the Taliban as weakness. They will believe they can take American hostages and use prisoners of war for negotiation. Five haters of America for one military deserter.

God Bless America