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May Days


  It’s hard to believe Memorial Day is just around the corner. The unofficial beginning of Summer will arrive with the hope of warm temperatures and sunny weather. The beautiful mountains that line the West Branch Valley have just now turned Spring green with leaves, they seemed to remain colorless until just this past week. Finally, winters brown grip of leaveless trees let go.
  The birds seem to be waking extra early lately, almost as if to say thank God it’s finally warm and spring like. The morning symphony from so many different species is worth getting up for, close your eyes and try to identify all the members of the chorus. If you listen closely and have keen vision you can pick them out in the branches above.
  My son Jimmy and I have a favorite call to action. It is the gobbling of a long bearded turkey. He has his sights set on a trophy Spring bird. They have been out of the roost extremely early. You know what they say; the early bird gets the worm. Well, the hunter that gets out before the early bird under the cover of darkness has a great chance. This also makes the worm happy. The way things are playing out you want to be in your hunting spot by 4:45 at the latest. It may seem a bit crazy to some. That’s a little early for a roast turkey dinner and maybe a wall hanging trophy but if you like the outdoors and hearing the woods come alive there is nothing like it. It’s hard to fall asleep anticipating the morning hunt. It’s amazing how when you have a son or a young hunter to go with you it revitalizes your spirit and makes you feel young again. Get the next generation out in the woods and pass on the tradition we so proudly enjoy in our stretch of Penns Woods.
  After a good turkey hunt and a bite for lunch, take to the water for a little fishing action. What a great time of year. I’ve heard trout season got off a little slow but as the creeks return to their normal levels and the sun warms the earth, there should be plenty of great fishing. If you haven’t enjoyed a pan of fresh fried trout you’re really missing something. Ask one of your friends that fish to share their catch with you. Most would be honored by your request. One thing I’ve found over the years is most outdoors folks who enjoy eating their harvest, whether it’s hunting or fishing, know their way around the kitchen and prepare wonderful meals. The fish and game in our area make for great eating and there is nothing healthier if that matters to you. Take some time and take the young fisherman out and hopefully kindle a fire that will last a lifetime. Make it fun like an adventure and even if there is not much biting the kids will have a great day. One rule – no electronic devices allowed, wouldn’t want them to fall in the water you know or maybe you would.
  God has truly blessed our area with nature’s beauty and great opportunities to enjoy it. If fishing or Spring gobblers season doesn’t appeal to you, enjoy the great hiking and biking trails that criss-cross our valley. I should do more of this but, well, I enjoy fishing and hunting when there’s not a baseball game to be found. It’s a little early for swimming although many have been in briefly, answering the cold water challenge. The challenge in the name of charitable donations has been going on for the past several weeks. There was snow on the ground when it began.
  What is it? In a nut shell someone dares you, a team or an organization to do a polar bear plunge. If you accept the dare or challenge as they call it after you complete it you pass it on to challenge another person or group.
  I especially enjoyed video of Loyalsock High School Baseball manager, Jeremy Eck, dressed like a alligator being forced in the water by his kids, Elijah and Ellie. They were armed with plastic swords and boy they meant business. Who challenged coach Eck for his cold-water plunge? Yep, you guessed it, his Lancer team. Great job boys!

Ghost Plane
  I have tried to avoid this topic and sharing my thoughts based on the understanding of how vast an area that is being searched for Flight MH370 is. But ever since the beginning things just don’t add up. How did Malaysia air traffic control just lose the plane and not initiate a search effort for hours? Other countries were inquiring about the plane and its location.
  If someone hijacked MH370 it could have hit its target in that region of the world before it was declared missing. Scary thought.  I’m not a conspiracy theorist but I do feel flight 370 did not crash and there was and is foul play going on involving the Malaysian Government.
  The money that could have been laid out for several to turn a cheek for a few hours while the plane went missing could be hard for a corrupt government to refuse. Life does not have the same value, especially to those in powerful positions in that part of the world.
  I have thought from the beginning the plane is intact and we need to find MH370 before it finds its target. A plane of this size and time to prepare it as a weapon of mass destruction, I don’t even want to think about what could occur.
  The experts say it would never reach the United States without being detected and is too big to be hidden even in those countries that support terrorist groups.
  I’m not buying it. There is enough hate and enough blood money out there to make this a reality. After all who ever believed Al-Qaida would attack America like they did on 9/11. These groups are evil, methodical and well planned. 9/11 didn’t happen overnight. It was years in the making.
  The use of MH370 could be similar, when everyone is least expecting it and has written it off at the bottom of the Indian Ocean it re-appears. I can only hope our Intelligence folks are working on this and locate the plane and passengers to provide closure. No one should ever endure what the passenger’s families have gone through. To our nation this is a matter of National Security until physical proof is discovered.