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Obamanation: Land of Entitlement


  It’s hard to believe but sadly it’s true. President Obama has had a lot of help from his fellow democrats and many republicans trying to create a welfare dependent nation. Well, folks, we are there. It is easy to figure out why. Both parties eat at the Washington trough of greed and indulgence. What fills the trough, the American taxpayer and business owner.
  The numbers are staggering and the empathy to the problem amazes me. All current elected officials from the President to the most newly elected members of congress are all at fault. They do not want to change government; they want to continue growing government until our nation collapses.
  The state of dependency they create guarantees reelection. Why wouldn’t the welfare nation they have created vote for their reelection. Food, healthcare and a roof over your head provided by Uncle Sam. They get extra welfare dollars for clothing and education to learn English. Why work? Yes, that’s right; there is assistance available to learn the English language. Why aren’t some doing this? One of the extending reasons for more time to file for Obama Care was not being able to understand English. Well, you’re in luck, get  a little government assistance to learn English, then  fill out your Obama Care info on line and you’re taken care of.
   Let’s take a look at the numbers; these are the latest available stats prior to the whole Obama Care debacle. One hundred sixty one million Americans are now on some program of assistance. This is over one half our population and exceeds the number of Americans now working a full time job. Almost $800 billion are earmarked for welfare and public assistance.  For many their job is welfare, working the system, and making those working Americans work for them.  
  Only 43% of Americans now have a Federal tax liability, are paying in. Boy, I must be doing something wrong because I am in that 43%.  How can this be? While we go to work others stay at home and we pay for their daycations. Half of Americans believe “Ask not what you can do for your country and take every penny your country will give you.” A little different from what President John F. Kennedy had in mind.
  Thirty five states now have what is the unthinkable, the ability for a single person with no dependents to be entitled to more benefits than income earned in a 40 hour week at minimum wage. Now, there is a real plan to get folks moving and finding a JOB. Now, back to our great leader, President Obama. On his watch since being elected in 2008 Federal Welfare and Assistance programs have been increased by over 32%, more than under any other President. I need to find out how to cash in on the greatest giveaway program of all time!
    How about food stamps? You all know how I like to talk about recipes and eating. They have almost tripled since Barrack has been sworn in. Americans or those now on American soil, are receiving almost $112 Billion in edible assistance or whatever they can get for those food vouchers. And to think I’m busting my butt to feed Jimmy and Hunter, two boys with bottomless pits for stomachs. Maybe I can get some two hungry teenager assistance.
  Mr. President has done a great job on focusing working Americans on how they are going to pay for $4.00 a gallon gas and $3.89 a gallon heating oil, while he is picking our pockets and re-distributing our tax dollars to the non-working.
  Now, let’s stress the system a little more. Obama Care will cost 1.8 Trillion dollars to the American taxpayer. When is enough going to be enough?
  If those Republicans and Democrats in Washington really care about our nation we would not be where we are. Mr. Obama is only doing what they are allowing him and maybe a little extra with his Executive Privilege right. But, it takes all in Washington for many years to build this work ethic or lack thereof.
   Mr. Obama does seem poised to drive our Country to its financial and total collapse. How do we solve this? First step is term limits. Demand them. Get them away from the trough. Find honest Americans to serve as intended and begin the process of decreasing entitlement and making folks work for a living. Americans need to go back to work! We are to be a free capitalist republic, not a nation of entitlement. Help those who work full time and may not be able to make ends meet, assist those unable to work and those who really need a helping hand. The folks in Washington and our great leader Mr. Obama will tell us whatever they can to continue feeding and the redistribution process. We cannot allow it. Call your local Representative or Senator and tell them enough is enough!  Demand term limits become part of the system of checks and balances. Have it added as a referendum for the next election and let the American people vote on it. I know the working class folks will show up and have their voice heard.   God Bless America.