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The Second Amendment Today


  I like the way Gov. Nathan Deal and the folks in Georgia are thinking. Last week Gov. Deal put his John Hancock on a bill that would allow licensed firearms carriers to take their handguns into places that have previously been restricted. They may carry firearms in government buildings, schools, bars and in some churches. It is up to the school districts to choose the employees who would be allowed to carry firearms on school grounds. Churches and their leader have final say on whether guns may be carried and by whom within their place of worship.
  The bill is not about irresponsibly arming the masses. It is intended to increase public safety and responsibility. This is a step forward in allowing the honest law abiding employees and citizens to protect themselves and their community.
  I do not think it’s necessary to recap all the recent shootings that have taken place in which a cowardly shooter opened fire on innocent victims. Obviously the schools are the most emotionally disturbing. One, however, that got my attention was at Fort Hood. How could an emotionally disturbed individual not be challenged and cause so much havoc on a military base? Why would the local police need to be called? Simple. No one was armed.
  I am a big believer in our 2nd amendment right, “a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state,  the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” The wording is simple, our government is always looking for ways to attack this direct and to the point amendment.
  One thing is common in every random shooting. There is no opposition. The shooter plans it this way. The disgruntled employee or teenager with emotional problems would not plan an attack on an armed location.
  Georgia is taking steps forward to protect the innocent and allow those trained and licensed to defend themselves during that event we pray never occurs. Our 2nd Amendment gives all of us this right. It needs to be looked at by all to where we are most vulnerable and violence is presently occurring.
  The gun control crowd will never understand the simplest of facts. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. They’ve been doing it for thousands of years. A gun is not required, but it sure can be a deterrent or in case of emergency, protection against a violent criminal. A person wanting to commit an act of violence against the innocent will find a way to secure a weapon. The gun is almost never obtained legally.
  The carrying of a firearm should be required at every military base, even if it’s a human services area within the base. There should be no safer place than a United States military base community. Our service men and women and those providing support services should always feel safe and secure at their workplace. I know this would not prevent every situation but it would send a powerful message.
  Next, let’s talk about schools. There are troubled kids on every high school campus in America. What makes them snap? Heck, I don’t know and I don’t need a billion dollar study to tell me why or what to look for. I trust our school administration and faculty to look for warning signs or potential problems. They can’t identify  everyone however.
   What I do know is whether it’s armed security guards or armed faculty members you can’t get any better deterrent than that. I’m not talking M16s here but efficient, concealed weapons and the knowledge of the student body that there is enough certified, licensed carrying individuals to protect the school. I guarantee locally there is probably enough current staffing at most schools already familiar and educated on hand guns and shooting to protect every secondary school. Local police should be involved in training, certification and communication in the event of an act of violence.  
  Scary thought armed administration, faculty and staff in our schools. Scarier thought is an armed intruder or students in our schools and no one to protect the innocent. Educators are truly some of the most dedicated folks in society. Anytime a bad event occurs there are heroic stories of the unarmed teacher protecting the students.
  We need to think proactively about how to prevent, deter and protect in the event of emergency.    It should also be required at all government buildings that a certain number of employees carry, not just the security force or guard. Simply put, we should never be outnumbered. I don’t care if it’s the judge or the janitor. There should be enough experienced and certified “good guys” in the event something bad happens. Again, the knowledge that there are trained people that will shoot back is the best defense. Obviously they work hand in hand with local police.
  You as an American citizen should think about becoming educated on how to properly shoot and handle a firearm, safety always comes first and that includes the storage and safe keeping of all weapons. But, as our world becomes more and more violent it is a good idea to be able to protect yourself and loved ones. I do not mean in a Clint Eastwood manner. But, you never know when this might be needed. If you have an elderly family member living alone, mention this to them.
  You’re never too old to learn how to shoot. Unfortunately the criminal element preys on our older citizens.
  Our second amendment is clear and indisputable. Never allow our President and Congress to forget this.
  God Bless America