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Happy Easter!


  The kids awake and put on those special Spring outfits. Mom spent hours making the kids try them on. She had to find just the right dress or little suit with the clip-on tie. She wants the young ones to look their finest for Easter church service.
  Upon returning home or if it’s off to the grandparents an Easter egg hunt awaits or maybe there is a special basket or gift that a long eared rabbit left.
  The echoes of any adult can be heard “don’t eat your candy before Easter dinner”. Come on now, how do you expect kids not to dive into those jelly beans, peanut butter eggs or the hollow chocolate bunny. Did you ever notice every chocolate bunny meets the same fate, ears bitten off first. Then the chocolate head and the rest gets eaten later or thrown away.
  I’m partial to the peanut butter eggs and always sample Jimmy and Hunter’s just to make sure they are okay. Don’t want them to get any bad candy!
  The smell of that perfectly glazed ham roasting in the oven assures that Easter dinner with all the trimmings is in the near future. It’s a special time for family and friendship. Many different dishes can be found at the “family table”. It has become tradition over the years. Two Webb favorites are potato salad and peanut butter pie. No Easter dinner would be complete without pickled and deviled eggs. What a great way to get rid of the eggs the kids colored. Just avoid the individual who loads up on them, especially in tight quarters.
  After dinner is completed and before dessert it’s a game of catch or whiffle ball or maybe you fly the kite or wooden put-together airplane the Easter bunny left. Those planes are guaranteed for one flight or one bite if the dog happens to land it for you. A walk is always a good thing after that big meal. Hopefully sunshine and warmth bless the day.
  That exercise and time shared as a family is the perfect way to make room for dessert, whether it is coconut cream pie or that white bunny cake frosted in chocolate. A cup of freshly brewed coffee is soon to follow. 
  Remember the reason for this joyous day. God, our creator and giver of all that is good showed his love for us during the sacrifice and resurrection of his only son. Can you imagine the pain and heartache watching your only child endure what Jesus did at the hands of Pontius Pilate. I know God had a foreseen plan but it had to be one of the most difficult days our God endured. Through this act we have the opportunity for eternal life through forgiveness of sin. All we have to do is believe and accept Jesus Christ, our Savior. Then live our life in a manor to respect, honor and show our love for Jesus Christ and his Father. When we make a mistake or stray away we are forgiven through God’s mercy.
  Christ’s resurrection on the third day which is celebrated as Easter is truly the beginning of God’s forgiveness of man’s sin. As the two angels moved the stone and Jesus walked by the sleeping guards, I believe God smiled, thinking all is good in the world and now what I created in my image can be forgiven of sin. Forty days passed until his ascent to heaven and uniting with his Father. This I can only imagine must have been one of God’s greatest days. As he asks his Son to take the chair to his right and help so all can be forgiven.
  I believe God and his Son share joy when they look down and see true Christian acts of unselfishness and kindness. But, also must be terribly troubled by the world they see today, especially the heinous acts that man does to his fellow man.
Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts on the special day. Please engage in a conversation with your family. God Bless

Tip of the Cap
  The high school baseball season has lost many days to Mother Nature. It’s been tough going on both players and coaches. The good news, two area coaches have reached the two-hundred win milestone.
  Manager Shawn Finn of South Williamsport has spent the past 13 seasons as head man for the Mounties. Finn has had the blue & white in the district playoffs every season. He has won a district title and year in and year out has his squad playing sound hard nose baseball. Himself along with his brother Tim are two of the good guys. I recently met Momma Finn and she is very proud and a big baseball fan. Finny also has a great radio voice and adds much to the tournament held at Little Mountaineer Little League with his announcing of the game.  Congrats Coach Finn. Hope to see you in the Mountie dugout for many years to come.
  Down the river a few miles in Muncy, Manager Chris Persing has gone about his love of coaching for the past fourteen seasons. The Indians have qualified every year for the District playoffs. His team has brought home four District Titles. They have made one State Title appearance and reached the final four three times. Coach Persing always seems to develop his “Tribe” and by season’s end they are playing for a district crown. Congrats on two hundred wins. Hope to see you as an Indian for 200 more.
  As I follow high school baseball in our area one thing is for sure, District Four success begins in the dugout. Our young ball players are fortunate to have the managers and coaches putting the time in year round to make them better.
  It makes no difference what school is represented across the front of the jersey and boy do all our area schools have sharp uniforms.
  The team in your town is well coached and capable of making that State championship run. It has become a matter of who gets hot at the right time of year. There are no easy games in our district playoffs.   
  Thanks to all area coaches not just for developing great ball teams but for helping to develop fine young men. You are truly a blessing to your community.