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One Billion Monopoly Dollars


 The complete lack of leadership and common sense in Washington continues to amaze me. I have stated before it is not about the indiscretions of one party or the other. It’s about both parties complete failure to put the good of our great nation and the American people ahead of their political agendas and partisan politics. President Obama continues to use his executive power in a way our forefathers never intended. Often I think, does he really understand the effects of what he is doing and why is he not being challenged by both sides of the political aisle to do what is in our country’s best interest?
  The two party system of government should provide checks and balances that limit the ability of poor decision making. Debate and majority rule should produce common sense decisions for the good of our nation. In the event the President may overstep his bounds the parties should stand united to make sure no one ever gains too much control of our country.
  This is happening because of the greed of both parties and the inability of government to do what is best for America.
  Think about what has gone on in recent days – the decision in Washington to cut the military enrollment, cut back troop numbers and of course eventually close bases. Are you kidding me? First and foremost, we need to strengthen our military numbers. It provides opportunity for young men and women to serve and protect our great country, learn a vocation – and earn money for college if they wish to continue their education.
  Our country at this point in history should never turn away a soldier or ask for an early exit from any armed service member. We need every service person at home and abroad – not only to protect our way of life, but in the event of a natural disaster or homeland emergency to provide the manpower needed to deal with the issue. We have a well-trained National Guard, but also need enlisted active duty military to provide the response we need here at home. God help us if we fail to train every young man and woman who wants to serve our country.
  Next is the ongoing unrest in the region formerly known as the Soviet Union. What is President Obama doing? His arrogance to think that he has any control over this situation is mindboggling. It just makes a bad situation worse. Vladimir Putin is a very strong, cold-war style, Russian leader. The Ukraine has not had the same prosperity that Russia has enjoyed. The strong majority of Ukrainians support Russian ideals and rejoining and forming a much stronger nation. 60% identify themselves as Russian. The Crimea regional parliament of the Ukraine voted their support to rejoin Russia and will have a referendum vote on March 16 to accede to Russia, but here we go again – President Obama and his friends on both sides of the political landscape want to play ‘World Governor.’ By the way, financial sanctions and trade embargos are a great idea. Force Russia to grow closer to China, North Korea and Iran. Great thinking boys.
  Yes, we need to monitor Russian advancement and make sure other nations are aware, protected and prepared in that region, but at the end of the day, sticking our nose in can only further cause more dissention and defiance from Russia and Putin.
  Our leaders never learn that our interference often destabilizes the region that is affected for years. Look no further than the Middle East. No matter what effort we make, this area of the world will never go without violence and war. We cannot change their culture and religious beliefs of over 2,000 years. But Obama is going to shake his finger at Putin and the Russian people in the Ukraine and they are going to fall in line.  Stay out of it. They neither need nor want our help. Let them figure it out. Protect our homeland and our interests around the world. If they would try to make additional military advancements, then we would need to reevaluate the situation.
  Now the most shocking development. Mr. Obama promised $1 billion in aid for the Ukraine. He is out of his mind. Wait – it gets better. The geniuses in the House and Senate passed the bill. So as our country continues to fall deeper in debt, as we move toward falling into a financial abyss, as many Americans, especially the elderly, struggle to pay heating bills and make ends meet, as thousands of Americans are affected by cuts to federally funded programs – we are now going to give Ukraine $1 billion of Monopoly money. It’s like that old Dunkin Donuts ad – don’t worry, we’ll make more. Why would we send them one dollar? We cannot continue to operate in a manner that is fiscally self-destructive. Why won’t someone stand up and scream this from the Washington Monument? I don’t care if it is Democrats, Republicans or both, but come on ladies and gentlemen – stand up! Incidentally, $1 billion equates to about $12.75 for every federal taxpayer. Only 47% actually have federal tax liability (pay in). Not enough paper to get me going on that one.
  One last thing though – how about Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, this past week going on the offensive about how great Obamacare is and all the problems people are having are lies? Before the last word came out of his mouth, every media outlet had a story from an American family about their hardship over Obamacare. Great job Harry – we need more honest leadership like you provide. No political motivation behind your blatant twist of reality.
God Bless America.