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A Primitive Tree with Great Local Flavor




Before we enjoy a little Christmas spirit we must take a moment for remembrance. Our cover date reads December 7th. It's impossible for me to see this date and not think of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's famous quote, "A date which will live in infamy". This taken from his speech asking Congress for a Declaration of War against the Empire of Japan after they attacked Pearl Harbor.
  On this, the 75th anniversary of the surprise and cowardly act against our Great Nation, let's thank God for whom Tom Brokaw refers to as "The Greatest Generation." Those folks born during the Great Depression who came of age during World War II. They truly were faced with the fight for our very existence.
  Every generation in American history has a "Where were you when this happened?" moment. In my lifetime it is the attacks of terror on 9/11. My father spoke to me several times about the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. For those wearing the tag of “The Greatest Generation” there were several, but most notable was December 7, 1941.
  Please take a moment to remember our brave servicemen and women from that timeline—most have left us. We can never forget them and how they faced adversity on this date and then went on to defend our freedom, defeat the axis of evil and liberate much of the world.
  Several years ago Mike Roan asked if Webb Weekly would join his efforts in supporting the Salvation Army's Festival of Trees. It was an easy decision, as you know how near and dear to my heart the organization is. It's hard to believe this year is the 14th Annual Festival of Trees. Mike does a great job with the selling of trees to local businesses and organizations. Most importantly, he auctions off the amazingly decorated trees and what is featured with each. This year 42 trees will be sold by the banging of Mike's gavel on December 9.
  I am as jolly as Santa this year with our Webb Weekly Christmas tree and want to encourage everyone to go bid it up for a great cause, all proceeds go to helping those who need it right here in our area.
  Our tree this year has a primitive theme as far as decorations. I especially like the old-school Frosty the Snowman hat that serves as the tree topper. A tip of Frosty's Cap to Kristy Waugh, she has been with us since we started the paper. Each year she does a fantastic job decorating our tree and knows I like a lot of lights to brighten up that Christmas spirit.
  If you want a break from cooking and doing dishes, the Webb Weekly Christmas tree is a gift from the North Pole. It features almost $800 in gift cards from over 30 local restaurants and eateries! A shout out to my staff, especially Charlie Gizenski for his efforts on getting so many involved. Tired of that holiday turkey and ham? We've got the tree for you.
  I must give a Santa's sleigh sized thank you to all the restaurant owners and managers for partnering with us to help the Salvation Army. There is almost every kind of flavor and cuisine you can imagine and even your morning coffee. You can dine in or take out; you could even get some cookies to reward the Big Guy after his trip down your chimney.
  I am proud that all the following advertise within the pages of Webb Weekly and it sure makes it easy in my travels to have something good for lunch. So win the tree and Mangia! Mangia! at the following: Dolly's Diner and Grigg's, 505 and Rivals, Boom City, Cloud 9, the Country Store Café, Don Patron, Dunkin' Donuts, Hana, Heller’s, Henry's —are you hungry yet—Ichiban and The Sticky Elbow, Joe's Pizza, The Kast Hotel, Main Street Grill—maybe I should just slide Mike Roan a Benjamin to win the tree—Maseto's, Mr. Sticky's, the New Fern Park, Nippenose Tavern, Park Pizza—if you like pizza this tree is for you!—Perkins, Pier 87, Pudgie’s, Sakura Buffet, Santino's, Sinner or Saint, The Villa, Tony's Deli, Riverside Subs—wow that's a lot of food! See you at the auction and good luck!
  God Bless America.