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Field of Dreams


Our Nation must stand together in the support of law and order. We must stand united in support of law-enforcement and appreciate the most difficult job they are faced with in today's world. We must stand side-by-side no matter of race, color, or religion in making sure accountability for action is upheld by justice and due process, not by a mob mentality of vengeance, which creates a rush to judgment.
  There are evil acts perpetrated on our fellow man, by all walks of life. A racist or overzealous police officer who crosses the line with a suspect, or an individual who targets the very people protecting their neighborhood are one in the same.  They are criminals bringing evil in to our world. Nothing more, nothing less.
  We must not allow the news media, political leaders or so-called ‘social activists’ to create division within the American people for any reason.  We need to unite in the name of God and for good to preserve our freedom.
  When we divide, no matter the situation, we weaken our Country. All Americans must know injustices and racism will not be tolerated in any way, shape, or form.
  That is what the United States of America is all about. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all! In the same breath, no matter of color, law enforcement officers must know the communities they serve are behind them and support a most thankless and dangerous job. It has got to work this way. No matter the situation everyone must unite and patrol their own ranks against those who want to create division and chaos.
  Folks, the world is at war. If the evil of radical Islam has its way, you will be dead no matter of color, ancestry or religion.
  It's not about the Second Amendment, as a truck was just used in France to kill over 80 people and injure over 100. A cold-blooded killer, blinded by evil will always find a weapon. My thoughts, prayers and condolences goes out to those who were just enjoying Bastille Day before evil ended or changed the rest of their lives.
  It's not about where you live, NATO or the European Union. Radical Islamic terrorists have infiltrated every community they have wanted to. Right now there are acts of terror being planned against the unsuspecting.
  We must unite in vigilance and with one voice in the name of good, to force our government to do what's necessary to protect our homeland. We must identify the person or group who are planning terror in the name of evil. This rings true whether they are a radical Islamist or a radical social extremist – both victimize the innocent.
  We must not allow evil to divide Americans. That is where we lose our focus against a common enemy.  We are the most powerful Nation on Earth, and it has nothing to do with weaponry. When we stand united as one nation under God and fight in his name for good we are blessed by his grace.
  United we can take on and defeat evil, in whatever form it takes.
  God Bless and Unite America.

Everyday Player
  A twenty-one-gun salute to Mr. Frank Tripoli owner of Tripoli's Triggers. As you know, my commitment to our Second Amendment rights is unwavering – as is Mr. Tripoli's. With him taking care of the business end we have been able to educate and train almost 400 folks from our area on the safe operation of a handgun. I can't even imagine the total number of individuals who have taken classes at Frank's shooting range.
  Mr. Tripoli opened his facility in 1999. It is designated a "five star" shooting range by the National Association of Shooting Ranges; it is the same design the Air Force Academy and the FBI use. He has eight indoor ranges available for education and shooting. Tuesday is ‘open range’ night for you to hone your skills with your favorite side arm.
  Frank and his wife Shirley provide a family atmosphere with the utmost respect to the seriousness of the business they operate. They are local folks that have raised their family in our area and I consider them a blessing to our valley as well as great friends.
  The service and facility they provide is a necessity in today's world. Frank has the years of experience and knowledge to match you with the right firearm. No matter if it's hunting, recreational shooting or personal protection.
  My offer still stands for any lady who would like to learn to shoot or maybe just wants to take a class in firearm safety and shooting to refresh their memory.  I will pay $50 towards the cost of the class. I have had a couple of nice ladies contact me about taking a more advanced class and if I would Annie Oakley up the 50 bucks. Why absolutely, however I can help.
  I have received so many compliments about Frank and the training he provides; it is a great empowering experience. Take your mom, grandmother or friends; make it a night out with a bite to eat or movie afterwards. Tip of the NRA cap to you Frank, keep up the great work.
  To get registered give Mr. Tripoli a call at 570-326-4181. You will need a possession to carry permit from the Sheriff's Office, third floor at the Lycoming County Courthouse.