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One Nation Under God
Divided We Stand


As I am penning this week's column it is prior to our Nation's birthday and all that illuminates the night sky across the Susquehanna Valley on the Fourth of July. I am at the kitchen table, my third son lying at my feet — he's the one with the longer ears and four paws. My thoughts are on how unbelievably blessed we are to call the United States of America our home. I would never want to live anywhere else but in our neck of the woods in Central Pennsylvania. And how our Nation may have its share of problems in the world of today, however, it is still the land of free that everyone tries to immigrate to and call their home. They’re sure as heck not fighting to get out of our Country.
Yes, we face many modern day problems and tough decisions — but this is something that goes all the way back to the founding of our United States and what drove our forefathers to risk life and all they had for freedom and a better way.
We cannot lose track of this and get caught up in the negativity of the media and the television channel of your choice. We must stay united, strong and remember we are blessed by God to live from sea to shining sea. And also in the great states of Alaska and Hawaii.
Since the birth of our Country we have been fighting for, and to keep, all those wonderful individual rights spelled out in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. This will never change. Our servicemen and women and all those responsible for national defense always deserve our respect, thanks and appreciation for risking their future so all of us have a future of freedom. What has separated us from the rest of the world since 1776 is our military and fighting spirit in the name of God and for the good. As I have said so often, we can never forget this and must keep God the focus of our Great Land and give thanks and praise in His honor.
President Donald Trump has polarized our Nation from the standpoint he has brought attention and interest back to the American people on how our Nation is being governed. There are folks that never cared anything about politics that now focus on the daily happenings inside the Oval Office.
This is by far the greatest accomplishment of his presidency to date. He has made Americans from every walk of life, no matter of political affiliation, passionate about America and what is going on.
I view things a little different than many. I think protest and disagreeing with Washington is a good thing. I think the more Americans that care the better. Imagine the alternative — apathy and a government going unchecked by the American people. Obviously it is one of our freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment. It should always be exercised in a peaceful and nonthreatening manner. But nevertheless, don't get upset with fellow Americans who want to have their voice heard the right way.
My greatest concern is the lack of compromise and caring of what is best for "We the People" exhibited by our elected officials — Republicans or Democrats. This goes back to what went on during the Obama administration and probably even further.
Without compromise in government, at any level, it is tough to get anything done other than the creation of gridlock. This is what is going on now during President Trump's administration, this is what went on during President Obama's two terms in office. This is why Mr. Obama had to revert to the use of his executive power. Believe me, if President Trump doesn't start accomplishing his goals he will do the same as President Obama and the words “Executive Order” will ring out through the media circus.
One of the things that concern me most as an American citizen, is where to go to get news that is reported with honesty and integrity? What and who do we believe? In a time of instant information at the touch of your fingertips what is actual truth and what is "fake news"? This misleading of the American public is a problem bigger than anyone wants to admit. “We the People” need to know the truth about China, what really went on during the election process. Not only in regards to President Trump but also Ms. Hillary. Let's also not forget about Ms. Hillary’s lies about Mr. Bernie Sanders’ primary campaign. I could make a list of questions.
The most important reason we need the truth is so history doesn't repeat itself. That some outside source, whether it be domestic or foreign, figures out how to manipulate the election process intended to be determined by "We the People".
We, as citizens of our Great Land, must monitor and use the power of the vote to make sure our freedoms continue for future generations the way our Forefathers intended. The fact we may be a Nation divided by opinion and beliefs in current leadership should never scare anyone. Again, this has often occurred during the history of our Country. The fact that we have media sources making the news instead of reporting the news should scare all of us. The fact those elected inside the Beltway cannot compromise and govern for “We the People” should scare the heck out of everybody. Compromise is the backbone of democracy.
God Bless America.