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The Next President's Agenda: Part II


 It was great to hear from so many who supported the first five items of my ‘let's get this Country turned around’ article from last week. If you didn't read it you can find it at on the electronic device of your choosing.
You, the reader, provide me many great ideas on what we need from our leadership in Washington. It was great to hear from both Republicans and Democrats – some of whom are elected officials representing ‘We the People’ in Harrisburg or Washington. Most impressive was no one who called me or texted me was pointing the finger at the other party, they were concerned with solutions for the good of America.
As we prepare to celebrate the 4th of July may I wish you a safe and happy holiday weekend and may I ask you to say a prayer for all current servicemen and women and those who have fought for, provided leadership and were committed to God, Country and Family throughout our Nation’s history.
On this, the 239th birthday of our Country, I would like to share with you what I feel are some of the most important words within the Declaration of Independence. Please read and share them and their meaning with our young people. They are as vitally important today as they were when our Forefathers signed the document and created our Country, the United States of America.
“We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
Now onto six through 10.
6. Remove all lobbyists and special interest groups from Washington, D.C. and American government. These are the groups and people operating like organized crime in our Nation’s Capital.
They prey upon elected officials, candidates, companies, labor unions and many other organizations. They spend billions of dollars each year to lobby Congress and Federal Agencies for favorable bill creation or decision-making that benefits their case. In the real world this is called bribery, conspiracy and racketeering. Inside the beltway it's just another day at the money trough for elected officials and government agency leadership.
Eliminate this element of buying favors. By the time that freshman Senator takes his chair and begins his duty for his State he already owes too many favors to honor the campaign promises he was elected on by ‘the People’.
7. Campaign finance reform.  It goes hand-in-hand with number six. How much does the seat in the Oval Office cost today? How about just a Congressional Chair?
The money dumped into political coffers for an election run is ridiculous.
President Obama and presidential candidate Mitt Romney both topped $1 billion in fundraising for the last election. The most expensive presidential election ever!
Mr. Obama beat Mr. Romney in cash raised and spent $1.123 billion to $1.019 billion.
Maybe that's what should be done, no more voting by the American people, whoever raises the most George Washingtons wins.
8. Downsize governmental staffing and allowances. It's simple; billions of dollars are being spent on personnel and an expense account on steroids for every government official from the President down to the most newly elected congressman. This includes all the members of the cabinet and bureaucrats we probably don't even know about.
Cut their staffing and allowances in half. That would be good start.
Just think of the taxpayer money spent by Mr. Obama and family. As of last December the Obamas had blown through over $44,351,777 of taxpayers' money on vacation and travel. That is living large and not worrying about who’s paying the charge.
9. Downsize our government. Turn as much as possible over to the private sector. Allow American businessmen and women to manage our Nation. Anytime government gets involved costs go up, production goes down and the fleecing of the American taxpayer begins.
USA Today estimates there are more than 2,000 Federal Agencies. They also reported that this past year the Government Accountability Office identified 26 new Federal Agencies which duplicate each other's work in addition to 162 others that had been previously found. Bottom line, what the heck is going on? Too many agencies, too much political chicanery. Congress can create a Federal Agency at their discretion. Their discretion, no matter the party, is to create more government. Allow the American people to straighten it out and get paid for legitimate work and actual management.
And last but not least number 10. Run the Country like a business, that is what it is, the largest business in the World. Again, pure common sense. If those governing our Country really gave a hoot, how could they continue to run our Country at a loss every quarter? Meanwhile our debt clock is spinning towards $19 trillion.
Cut the pork, cut the spending; balance and adhere to a National Budget. And no Mr. Obama, you can't borrow money from China to pay China back. Although, the House and Senate would probably think that is a great idea.
God Bless America.