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Our Declaration of Independence


Happy Birthday America! On July 2, 1776 the second Continental Congress voted on and approved the Declaration of Independence in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. Representatives from all 13 colonies voted with no one opposing the document. John Adams was the leader in pushing for independence and creating the unopposed result.
  The actual document was drafted by a committee of five. Thomas Jefferson of Virginia, John Adams of Massachusetts, Roger Sherman of Connecticut, Robert Livingston of New York and our own Benjamin Franklin. Mr. Jefferson composed and edited the “Declaration.”
  It was presented to Congress and voted on July 2nd officially announcing to America, Great Britain and the world that King George III no longer presided over these 13 Sovereign Colonies. This is a very important point. The importance of states’ rights and governing their own people was of the utmost concern. John Adams convinced everyone that this could be achieved along with the birth of ‘One Nation under God’.
  “The second day of July 1776, will be the most memorable Epocha, in the history of America,” Mr. Adams wrote his wife Abigail.
  So why is July 4th celebrated as the birthday of our Great Nation? Because that was the date the Declaration of Independence was signed. Let’s remember news didn’t move too fast back then.  Today after a July 2nd vote everyone would know because Ben Franklin could post it on Facebook.
  The declaration of our independence justified our grievances against King George III and Great Britain. A piece of the document later became a key part of President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”
  So I needed a little history to set the stage for what’s going on in our Country as I’m penning this article. First and foremost our Nation was founded under God. The Declaration of Independence contains five references to God. It recognizes God as the supreme law maker, God as Creator of all men, God as the source of all rights, God as the world supreme judge and God as our protector on whom we can rely.
  I think it’s abundantly clear the role God played in the founding and perseverance of our Country. Until we change what’s going on in Washington, Harrisburg and most state capitals, until we turn the liberal tide of removing God and his glory from everything that is America, we are in big trouble folks.
  Our so-called leaders are betraying the very strength our Nation was founded on and empowered by. We have been at war 223 of the 240 years the United States has existed. We still stand United and Free never having fought an actual military conflict on American soil.
  No one is that good folks without Divine Intervention! We have had God and his son Jesus Christ on our side. That improves our odds wouldn’t you say?  We need to look at our history and who we are and return to what allowed us to become a Great Nation. If not there will be “Judgment” against the United States of America.  By the Liberals removing God they are eliminating our true Founding Father.
  Next up states’ rights, the federal government has absolutely trampled the rights of the 13 Sovereign Colonies along with the other 37 states, Puerto Rico and whoever else you want to throw in.  Our Country was not founded or built by Washington, D.C. However, the criminals inside the beltway want us to believe we can’t exist without them.
  The writing of the Constitution of the United States America was to resolve conflict between the States and the Fed. Its intent was clearly to empower the people and state governments. The Bill of Rights’ sole intention was to define the rights of the American Citizen. I stress American Citizen, not immigrant or illegal alien.
  No matter where you look our federal government is trying to take away the rights of “We the People.” Let’s just look at the hot topic last week of the Second Amendment. It is absolutely clear.  “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”
  Simply put to the liberal Democrats who behaved like communists in Congress, it does not matter if it’s a cap gun or an AK-47 if I meet the state and federal requirements, I and all fellow Americans have the right to own it. The Second Amendment was created because of people like you that would create an all powerful government and suppress “We the People.”
  Not that the liberal Obamalites will ever understand this. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. You close down the House of Representatives over one of my rights, but you will do nothing to control the borders except welcome in more and more potential terrorists. There were no guns used in the 9/11 attacks, there are no guns used by these Islamic extremists during suicide bombings, beheadings, drownings, burning Christians alive, airline terrorist attacks, chemical attacks on fellow muslims.  Mr. Obama, Loretta Lynch and all of the Liberal Democrats are a disgrace to our Country.  John Adams and our Founding Fathers would be so proud of these cowardly liberal socialists.
  As the fireworks are going off over the great city of Williamsport I will be thinking God Bless America and gunpowder.
  In support of the Second Amendment Webb Weekly will be celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Williamsport by sponsoring the human cannonball – Dave ‘The Bullet’ Smith. Dave will get shot out of a cannon after the July 1st Crosscutters game. What a great way to address those summer allergies.
  Tip of Dave’s crash helmet to Mayor Gabriel Campana and the City of Billtown. There are many great things going on to celebrate the City’s milestone, all can be found in the pages ahead. Enjoy all the happenings of the Fourth and all that’s going on in our great area. Let’s be careful out there people. Whether it’s fireworks, swimming or a few drinks, be responsible. If you need a ride just ask or call a cab.
  Hey, maybe I should see if Ms. Hillary or Mr. Obama want to try out ‘The Bullet’s’ cannon. Oh, that’s right they’re anti-Second Amendmenteers.


Everyday Player
  Tip of the Red, White and Blue Uncle Sam’s hat to Dan Farr, owner of Backyard Broadcasting. For 21 years he has been the driving force for our spectacular Fourth of July fireworks show, Set the Night to Music.
  It began when Dan was at Saber Radio with Paul Rothmuss and Joel Hartstone. The trio revived a long time Williamsport tradition, Independence Day fireworks which had been missing for years. Saber became Backyard Broadcasting and Mr. Farr’s commitment to illuminating the night sky above the Susquehanna River has just seemed to get bigger and better each year.
  Dan, an Army Veteran is now the owner of Backyard Broadcasting and his commitment to rocking the windows on both sides of the river is unwavering. Each year he and his team put on one of the best fireworks displays to honor America that can be found anywhere. The fireworks price out at about $40 grand.  The annual ‘Set the Night to Music Fireworks Extravaganza’ is a daylong event. It provides great local musical talent from the Uptown Music Collective and local bands with great food and local vendors. As folks fill the streets and enjoy the hospitality of downtown Williamsport, the anticipation grows for the grand finale which begins after dark.
  The City of Williamsport and Mayor Gabe Campana obviously co-sponsor the celebration to honor America with the good folks of Backyard Broadcasting. There are more sponsors jumping on board each and every year. It truly is a community event with the backing of “We the People.”
  It makes me proud to be an American when I drive by the largest flying Stars and Stripes in our Great Land on display to honor America for the Set the Night to Music celebration. The Army National Guard, VFW Post 7863 and the Young Marines deserve a Fourth of July salute for their efforts. As I look at the larger than life flag, I can’t help but think about all the American soldiers it represents from the Revolutionary Era to today’s war against evil. Thanks to Larry Allison Jr. and his good people that provide the two large flagpoles.
  Dan Farr, you are a true American patriot. From serving your Country in the military, to your years as an American businessman and entrepreneur, however, your greatest gift of patriotism is our Fourth of July fireworks. It brings so many people together to honor our Country, it provides that heart touching feeling of American pride by setting it to music, it is just a fabulous All-American tribute to the spirit of our Independence Day. I salute you Sir.
  God Bless America.