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Not My Father's Republican Party


  I could not believe what I was watching last Tuesday night, you know – Super Tuesday as it has come to be known. Honest Ted Cruz just got his astronaut kicked by Mr. Donald Trump, Fox News cut to his addressing of the good people in his home state of Texas along with the rest of the world.  You would have thought he just won the Oval Office and the Super Bowl and was going to Disneyland. I refuse to quote this arrogant, delusional, completely out of touch with the American people jackass. As I watched him, heard his lies, half-truths and B.S. I became as infuriated as when I watch Al Sharpton.
  Mr. Cruz could not even win a majority, as in 50.1%, of the votes in his home state of Texas. If he were all that and the bag of chips he claims to be and worthy of such a celebration, he would have beaten Mr. Trump soundly in Texas and the other Super Tuesday states.  He lost in 8 of the 11 states that night.
  Texans are very proud supporters of fellow Texans. They love God, football, guns, a good steak, and politics. The fact they did not vote for Mr. Cruz says it all. Totally lost Ted only managed 43.8% of the vote. Mr. Trump and Mr. Rubio together got over 44%. The good folks of Texas do not believe in Cruz or the job he has done as their Senator.
  During his victory celebration over losing, Cruz then called for the other Republican candidates to drop out of the race and unite to defeat Donald Trump and help save the Republican Party. I think Ted had one too many cocktails before his speech.
  You complete knucklehead; if it had been only Mr. Trump versus Mr. Cruz you would have lost your home state! Your fellow Texans who didn't vote for you and voted for Mr. Carson, Mr. Kasich or Mr. Rubio would never vote for you. The only reason you have won any state is because of the votes being split. I hope the others do go by the wayside so Mr. Trump can wrap this up in a faster fashion.  Did I mention Mr. Trump has received almost 600,000 more votes nationwide than Mr. Cruz?
  This leads up to the absolute joke the national Republican Party is. As I have stated on numerous occasions the only shot they have at defeating Hillary is Mr. Trump. The Republican voters are clear on who they want. However, the Grand Old Party doesn't want Teflon Don, nor does Fox News – the voice piece of the Elephant. This is why I am a commonsense conservative and refuse to support the GOP or consider myself a Republican.
  The national Republican Party is equally to blame for where our Nation is as much or more than the Democratic Party. They don't want change or improvement, they both want status quo gridlock and the lifestyles they are used to.
  I have never seen worse leadership from either party inside the Washington Beltway than Republicans Paul Ryan and his predecessor John Boehner in the House and Mitch McConnell in the Senate. These gentlemen are Majority Leaders who do nothing, stand for nothing and are just part of the Republican "Good Old Boy Network".  They act like no Republican has been present as the geniuses in Washington have run up a $20 trillion debt.
  Being elected to serve "We the People" is and should be job one. The Republicans don't even want to throw their support behind the Presidential candidate "We the People" want. Shameful!  The GOP has the candidate to call 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home and they don’t want him, what are you afraid of?  Almost every last inside the beltway Republican and those that advise them in Washington should be fired!
  The GOP has no clue how insulting it is to every person who has voted for Mr. Trump to declare he is not Republican enough for the party.  Weren’t all the folks who voted for him fellow Republicans?  Isn’t Mr. Trump a Republican? Then the intellectually elite right wing GOP strategists send Mitt Romney to attack Mr. Trump.  Pathetic!  Mr. Romney is the reason we’ve had 8 years of Obamanation.  Mitt Romney can’t even win an election in his home state.  You really want this loser to take the spotlight off of any Republican candidate for President?  What an absolute freak show the national GOP is. 
  The national Republican Party does not deserve the support from the good people of our area.  They no longer have the same beliefs, values and ethics found here at home.  The good people we send to Washington and Harrisburg are committed to representing their constituents and making America better.  I must tip my cap to our own Republican in Washington Mr. Tom Marino. He is knuckles up for the American people. He fights for you and I on a daily basis. He would make a great House Majority Leader and yes, he has endorsed Donald Trump.
  Remember when Mr. Marino stood up to Nancy Pelosi and she got all indignant and stormed out. He had her and them on the run with his questions and accusations. Name one fellow Republican House member who sided with him? You can't because he had the nerve to fight, something his fellow Republicans lack. Mr. Marino is also in favor of term limits, which makes him the enemy of both parties.
  Now back to Mr. Lose, I mean Cruz. His premature celebration took several shots at Mr. Rubio and his not winning anything or any state. Again Ted is wrong; Mr. Rubio won Minnesota on Super Tuesday. When totally lost Ted attacked him he knew there was a good chance this was going to happen.
  I have said it before Mr. Cruz, you are only a little snake, Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton is a cobra and would devour you. If I were Mr. Trump I would give you and the Grand Old Party the middle finger salute and continue my march to the White House with the support of the American people. Oh wait, he already has.
  One last note, thank you to Dan Keyete, long time Montoursville resident and proud American. He dropped by the office with some great conversation and a Hillary for Prison 2016 magnet for a vehicle. I'm going to go stealth and put it on my sister Morgan's car at Easter dinner, she'll love it.
  God Bless America.