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If You Cruz You Lose


I have never been a Ted Cruz fan. He is a Washington insider. He wants you to believe he's different but he is not. He is about status quo and the continuation of the fleecing of America by both Republicans and Democrats.
  What he did in Iowa shows his true colors and what he is really about.  He first spoke a just flat out lie about Dr. Ben Carson. "Ben Carson is going home to Florida." Then he had this reported to CNN, used email and voice messaging to notify the Iowa precinct captains and those who oversee the Iowa caucus.
  Dr. Carson's actual statement was, "I'm going home to Florida, get a quick shower and a change of clothes and heading to New Hampshire."
  His campaign folks on his direction then tried to blame CNN for the statement he provided. Just one, well actually more than one problem – CNN and several Iowa Caucus precinct captains saved the message. Whoops, there's a waste of a good lie.  Then more info about Mr. Cruz came out that he was also informing voters, "Not to waste their vote on Ben Carson, he was suspending his campaign." This was reported by the Associated Press. He blamed this on an overzealous campaign worker who did it on his own. "I did not inform anyone Mr. Carson was leaving the race," said honest Ted. He should have told his staff prior to this statement so they could have fallen on their swords for him. He didn't, and they confirmed to CNN this is what Mr. Cruz told them.
  Mr. honest Ted Cruz then finally did what the politician handbook tells you to do when caught in a lie or bad situation – and no, it's not tell them, ‘I never had sex with that woman.’ It's apologize and run away as fast as you can to New Hampshire.
  The knucklehead still couldn't get it right. "His team should have followed up the misinformation with clarification that Mr. Carson would not be suspending his campaigning." That doesn't sound truthful or apologetic.
  To show you why Mr. Carson will never be President, he accepted that poppycock apology. He should have been mad as heck and ripped Mr. honest Ted to shreds. But Mr. Carson has no fight in him and is not cut out of Presidential Cloth.
  Mr. Carson did later state he, "Believed the information sent out by Mr. Cruz and his campaign staff damaged his results in Iowa." Do you think? He should've said Mr. Cruz used dirty political tactics and is a bold face liar. The kind of person Washington is full of. A complete hypocrite that has stated on numerous occasions he would run a clean campaign and not use negativity because of his good Christian beliefs.
  Mr. Cruz you are the most dangerous kind. Who really knows your agenda?  You have proven the Oval Office is more important than your integrity. We currently have someone in the White House that pulled off the same scheme.
  Most importantly you are a little snake Mr. Cruz who has no chance at defeating the cobra, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Everyday Player
  This week's selection was nominated by his sons Rennie Jr. and Richie. He is probably more of an MVP than an everyday player, although he does grind it out each day and is perfectly content being unnoticed, not caring if he gets thanks and recognition for his efforts. The fact his sons nominated him and the picture is him and a big buck is near and dear to my heart.
  Rennie Rodarmel is a self-made man. He graduated from Lycoming College, taught at Williamsport High School and began his insurance business with a small area inside Sears. His wife Dorita has been by his side during his journey and both are active within our community.
  Rennie has been a champion when it comes to helping his fellow man whether it's athletic programs, charitable organizations or business folks that just need a helping hand. I wouldn't even begin to list all the good he has done. I would like to point out he has been the main sponsor of Cable Sports Production and Gary Chrisman's Game of the Week for almost 30 years, the Grand Slam Little League parade since it began 10 years ago and the Relay for Life since its inception.
  He loves wrestling, baseball and coaching both and devoted much time to these in the past.  He coached at every level from elementary and Little League to Hughesville and Williamsport High schools.
  He was elected to the Allstate Hall of Fame and is proud to work with his sons each and every day. Rennie is passionate about the outdoors. He is an avid hunter and conservationist who again puts his money where his heart is. He supports agencies that protect our land and our Second Amendment rights.
  There is no prouder lover of our Country than Rennie. He is the consummate family man who exemplifies the American dream. Great nomination boys! Tip of the cap to you Ren for all you do.