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Trump That


The calendar reading February can mean just one thing, Spring Training for baseball is just around the corner. You thought I was going to talk about that special groundhog named Phil didn't you? That leads me to a little humor – what do Punxsutawney Phil and Marco Rubio have in common? Both work only about one day a year.  This problem occurred long before his run for President, his absenteeism of nearly 14% is the highest in the US Senate, Mr. Rubio that is.
  The National Republican Party is a disgrace. They want to blame, blame, blame those Democrats. They never have a plan of leadership, heck they never have a plan. They're equally to blame for the problems of our Country, including the $20 trillion debt they want to lay at the doorstep of the Democrats. What a nice nest egg to leave our children for the future.
  They promised to take on Mr. Obama and fight for conservative America if they gained control of both the House and Senate. Well they've had it for a year, politics as usual and no guts to challenge Mr. Obama’s policies. And that’s stating it nicely!  They have done squat with their Congressional control, except to keep the status quo at the expense of the American taxpayer.
  The most glaring example of the GOP's brilliance is the fact they have the fastest horse in the Presidential race, Mr. Donald Trump. He might lap the field by the time everything is said and done. They are trying to tear him down, don't want to give him the support of the party. Well I got news for you GOP folks; if you don't get behind him your party is done. With the changing face and problems of our Nation you should've jumped onto the Trump bandwagon long ago. Do you really think anyone else in your party can win the Presidency?
  The GOP's problem is Mr. Trump is antiestablishment, antigovernment as usual, the fact he may have a better mouse trap than the GOP's broken one. He is a threat to what both Democrats and Republicans inside the beltway.  Both fear the downsizing of government and the giving of power back to state government.  Their guaranteed gig of gridlock fueled by the money of lobbyist groups and getting paid for such is being challenged.
  Do some of Mr. Trump's character flaws worry me, you know it, but where the GOP has taken the conservative taxpayers in our Nation scares me much more.  Their refusal to unite behind their best candidate proves how out of touch the party is with their constituents. If the national Democratic Party had Satan and believed he could win the Oval Office they would run to support him. They would come up with some clever way to explain the horns, red complexion and pitchfork and away they would go.  Heck, some already believe they’ve done this.
  As I am penning this, the "big news" is Mr. Trump not showing up for the debate prior to the Iowa caucus. Basically, he stuck his middle finger up at FOX News, Mr. Cruz and the rest of the blah blah blah I want to be President crowd.
  Good for Mr. Trump! FOX News and Megan Kelly are no different than CNN, MSNBC and all the rest of them. Instead of doing their jobs of reporting the news and educating you and I, they want to create the news and entertainment. They want to turn each debate into an episode of Jerry Springer. Forget about the true issues that threaten our Country, let's just get these guys fighting amongst themselves. I'm just waiting for someone to knock Jeb Bush out and shut him up!
  Here's the best part of it, Mr. Trump won the debate without showing up. He was busy raising something like $6 million for our Veterans and the Wounded Warrior Fund. He was talked about, gained in the national polls and again was one step ahead of them by giving them the one finger salute.
  This is why Mr. Trump must be our next President; he can't be bought and sold by anyone. He is the only one that has the power to lead without being led. If used for the good this power can change our Nation.


  Everyday Players
  I could play this weeks’ into a twofer. Mr. Rich Holz who is a Veteran and long time protect and serve member of our community, who also gives time to local youth and has never turned down throwing batting practice asked me however the focus be kept on Mr. Chris Downs, his nominee.
  A good nickname for Chris would be "Mr. Little League."  He has been an active volunteer in Loyalsock for many years. He has served the organization in whatever board capacity, coaching position or wherever his time is needed. He is the Little League volunteer every league needs to have, but often goes under appreciated.
  He always puts the kids’ best interest first. One of the great things he has done is organized Loyalsock Little League games at either Volunteer or Lamade Stadium. The grins and smiles can be seen running ear to ear, and I'm talking about the parents and coaches, not just the kids. It's always a very special day appreciated by all.
  Now back to his newly acquired nickname. Chris also works at Little League International. His office title is Director of Publicity. Here again he works outside the bounds of his job and always gives a hand wherever needed. I reached out to Mr. Steve Keener, Little League CEO and all-around good guy for a few words about Chris.
  "Chris Downs plays a key role in our communication efforts with more than a million Little League volunteers and he will make a significant contribution to the development of our digital media and educational initiative Little League University, which we just launched last December..." "Chris's job doesn't receive much public attention, but we all know how vitally important it is to the Little League program worldwide."
  Little League University?  That sounds like my idea of school work.  Thanks Steve.
  Tip of the cap to you Chris for all you do!
  God Bless America.