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Mummers, Flashlights and Your Vote!


What an amazing time of year up and down the West Branch Valley. The foliage has begun to turn to the perfect highlight colors for the Susquehanna River. The smell of autumn earth is in the air complemented with a little wood smoke from the fireplace. If only we didn't know winter was soon to follow.
  The 71st tradition of the Mummers' Parade will be marching up and down the streets of South Williamsport. The good folks that put it on have put in an extra effort this year to make sure it is one to remember. A tip of the cap to Dori Rankinen who has breathed new life and energy into this celebration of fall. Take the kids out and don't forget about the older members of your family that may need a little helping hand or encouragement to partake in the event. The Mummers' Parade has a way of making everyone feel young no matter your age.
  Just a reminder not to forget about Flashlight Safari at Clyde Peeling's Reptiland coming up on October 21st and 22nd. Again, it's a wonderful event for all ages. If you missed Juliana and her Webb Kids segment a couple weeks back (September 28, 2016) you've got to watch it. She got us a great preview of the unbelievable creatures that will be catching your interest under the cover of darkness. Kalin Driscoll and the zookeepers do a great job each and every day at Reptiland. Their commitment and love of Reptiland and the Flashlight Safari shine through brightly during the event.
  Our Webb Kids segment at the end of each Webb Weekly Live show has become a huge hit. Juliana, the host, is a 10-year-old fifth grader. She interviews fellow students from around our area that are doing great things and takes a look at what's ‘going on’ for the young and young at heart. She also is known to stop by the SPCA and organizations that do great work for those that can't speak for themselves.
  If you have or know a special young person who would make a great guest or a place or event you would like to see featured let me know. I will get my youngest reporter right on it.
  I must not forget to give a shout out to Chamber of Commerce chief Vince Matteo and all that the good folks at his office do in support of Lycoming County. Steph and I spent some time with him during our show this past week and he wanted me to mention the Fall Train Excursion and the Great Pumpkin Express. It's also never too early to get your Polar Express tickets; the annual holiday train excursion is a sell out every year.
  What did you think about the debate? It's the most commonly asked question across our Great land. I'm not even going to go there this week; I'll let it up to you, the American viewer and voter. If you're watching and not registered to vote please do so. It is the responsibility of every American to use the power of their vote. I do not care who you vote for the important thing is you get out. Please do so in the name of all our servicemen and women who have provided and protected our freedom. Remember there was a price paid for your ballet.
  That leads me to my next issue. I heard from Democrats that I'm too hard on Ms. Hillary Clinton; I heard from Republicans that Mr. Donald Trump is a great man getting a bad rap from the media. I enjoy hearing from each and every one of you. I truly respect your opinions and your point of view. That is one of the things that make our Nation the greatest in the world, our First Amendment right. Please never take anything I write personal! It is and always will be my opinion and where applicable backed up with facts and sources. My intention is to educate, share my thoughts and create interest.
  I consider myself a commonsense conservative American. I have stated over and over it's not one party creating the problems of our Nation – it is both. It is those that put self and personal agenda ahead of Country. This is not a Republican or Democrat problem, it is a national crisis.
  I have tried to make it clear that my beliefs are not party driven. They have been influenced by my Father, a conservative Republican, my Grandfather – Pappy Maietta – an ‘old-school’ staunch Democrat and my years on the street. Both would be appalled of what their parties have become today.
  I am going to change my party affiliation after every Presidential Election, that way I do not lose the right to vote in Primary Elections. Our state needs to change the law and allow independent registered voters to vote in Primary Elections. You only get one vote, what does it matter what letter is at the end of your name? So, I can't wait to see everyone at the Demi club!
  Folks, the loyalty to party cannot continue to divide and weaken our Nation. We must unite and fight for what is best for America and our children’s future. Absolutely we must have different ideas and views, that is democracy at work. Most importantly our leaders need to work together in the name of compromise, timely legislation and for "We the People."
  God Bless America.