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Christmas Spirit
A Ringing Remembrance
So You Want to be President…
Saluting Our Veterans
One Long Season to Remember?
“You Should Be Here”
Under the October Sky
An Act of Evil
Land of the Free
Big Bucks and Tough Decisions
$1.3 Million for the Home Team
A Helping Hand for Houston
Recovery and Remembrance
A Look Back and Moving Forward
School Days and Football Friday Nights
Little Big Leaguers
A World Threat for Peace
All About August
West End Boys of Summer
A Pressing Problem
Fishin', Shootin' – Loving Every Day
One Nation Under God Divided We Stand
Rockets’ Red Glare
Heads Up, High Fives and Holy Carp!
Father’s Day
Saying Goodbye to the “Old Left-Handed” Legend
Washington Outsider
Freedom and Time to Get Outdoors
Mother’s Day, Mother Nature and More
A New Kind of Resolution
Shark Caught in Susquehanna – Revisited
Daytona and Monster Bucks
Same Problem at Every Level
There is a Wolf After Your Wallet
Punxy Phil and the Patriots
The 100 Day Dash
Guess Who’s Paying for the Inauguration?
Presidential Perspective
The Joy of the Season
A Primitive Tree with Great Local Flavor
Ringing the Bell for "Sech"
Talking Turkey, Pigskin and Leftovers
Underdogs Residing in Penn's Woods
The Men and Women of Freedom
The Most Important Vote
A Scary Ending
A Perfect "Springer" Storm
Mummers, Flashlights and Your Vote!
Awareness, Addiction and the Abominable
Autumn Outdoor Life and Liberty
 Taking a Knee on America
From Mulch Pile to High Style
What We Can Never Forget
  A Difficult Situation
A Grand Slam Effort
No Place Like Home
Conventional Lack of Wisdom
Revitalized and Vaporized
Field of Dreams
Uniting Against the Common Foe
She is Innocent as Charged
It's Not About the Vote of the People, Even in the UK.
Our Declaration of Independence
Identifying the Enemy
Dads, Baseball and Ms. Hillary
Jumpin’ Into June
If You Have to Go - They Have to Go!
Remembering the Providers of Freedom
Where There is Smoke…
A Clear Path and a South Side Smoke Screen
A Modern Mother's Day Wish
Some Catching Up to Do...
Cause of Death
Who is the Fourth County Commissioner Anyways?
April Fun
Trump/Marino 2016 "The Don" Chooses Tom for VP
It's a Great Day to Be Alive
One Nation Under God
Not My Father's Republican Party
Good to Hear Your Thoughts!
Wow...What a Show!
Hit the Bricks Bernie
If You Cruz You Lose
Trump That
The Truth about Executive Order
A Hall of Fame Person
A Different January
A Fine Kettle of Caring
Christmas Past, Present and Future
Back to Reality
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!
50 Years of Family, Friends and Trust
Grace, Thanks and Giving
Next Question....
The Creators and Protectors of Freedom
The Cost and the Cover Up
Tricks, Treats and Folks Seeking Elected Seats
Our 2nd Amendment and Common Sense
Coach Crews and a Millionaire Revival
The Pope and the Power of Pink
Home, Autumn and Yogi
All Lives Matter
"Real" Reality TV
Sounds, Sights and Memories of September
Keeping Up with West End’s Boys of Summer
Welcome to Williamsport from Klamath Falls
Sort of a Break and an Update
Hillary’s No Dinner Cash Dash
Keystone Debt and Deception
Name That Nation?
Saving the Chief
Where's the Chief?
The Next President's Agenda: Part II
The Agenda For Our Next President
Happy Fathers Day!
The Top Candidate
Tip of the Graduation Cap
Be on the Lookout for Mother Nature … She is Armed and Dangerous.
Your May Vote Counts!
Appreciation and Understanding
Hillary Belongs in Jail And She Wants Your Vote
Revitalizing Billtown’s Sports Swagger A Business and Community Effort
A Law and Order Open House and Our 2nd Amendment Responsibility
Freedom and the Despicables. Obama, Kerry, Reid and Maddow
The Historic Bowman Field Project Government and Business Working Together
Truth and R-E-S-P-E-C-T
The Uncommon View of Commonsense
Yardsticks, Leprechauns and a Leader in Washington
PA Proud and the Hall of Shame
You're Fired!
Chicagoland Disgrace
President’s Day Positivity
Energy and Leadership Inefficiency
A Groundhog, Some Seals, A Patriot’s Balls and Mayor Gabe’s Appeal
 Now Playing Gone From GTMO and to Rent a Riot
 Final Red Kettle Count
Obamacation, Apathy and Evil
Happy 2015!
Merry Christmas…
The Liberal Sword of Political Correctness and its Destroying of America
Red Kettle Remembrance of Dave Sechler
"I Have a Dream"
Gratitude and Gridiron
$400,000 Worth of Insults
Thanks, Praise and Reality
Boundaries, Borders and Who Helps Me
A Wolf, The Golden Goose and Our Future
Vote 2014 – The Candidates
Tough Times Require Tough Decision Making
Ribbons, Ammo and Truth
A Matter of National Security
Turf Wars
Remembrance and Vigilance
Never Forget
Under Attack
Political Fertilizer
Young and Alive at 75 ...
The Israeli Nation and Deportation
Babe Ruth is in Town
At Home and Abroad
Gun Safety and Responsibility
Terrorism and Oil
The Trojan Horse
So Long Sech…
After Further Review…
Memorial Day
May Days
The Second Amendment Today
Happy Easter!
Obamanation: Land of Entitlement
Gas Drilling to Begin at White Deer Golf Course
Knights of the Round Ball
Past and Present Danger
One Billion Monopoly Dollars
Spring is on the Way
Mr. President, Enough is Enough
A Winter Job
The Future
Ode to Amber
January Warmth
Ready for Some Football?
A New Kind of Resolution


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