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WE OUR! The Final Installment

with: Jamie Spencer

Disclaimer. I am fully aware it's WE ARE and I only use the OUR to poke fun at another publication. WE OUR was their headline. Oops.
  This is the final chapter of a three week series. I talked about a recent trip to Beaver Stadium in Part One. I then followed it up with some WE OUR BIG TEN CHAMPS love in Part Deux, and here we OUR with a major decision to make. Cheers.
  James Franklin and the Penn State Nittany Lions just wrapped up the regular season. Yes. Their 2016 campaign was one for the ages. ARE boys overcame some early season setbacks. The Nits found themselves in a cave after getting throttled by 49-10 at Michigan. They were 2-2 and just got embarrassed on the national stage. The Valley was extremely unhappy and several of my mates even wanted Coach's head.
  But then…
  The Blue and White shocked the entire nation by upsetting the Ohio State Buckeyes. The magic continued as they went on to win the next nine games. My boys OUR rolling and will now represent the toughest division in America in the Rose Bowl. The Grand Daddy of them all. Thankfully the social media banter of not making the cut has since died down. Unfair? Perhaps. I am so over it and I am no longer blaming our three County Commissioners. Say what? Look Penn State had a great run, but they belong in sunny Pasadena over New Years. I'd say that's a rather nice consolation prize.
  When word spread that Penn State was heading out west my phone rang. DUDE. I JUST BOOKED MY FLIGHT. Moments later it buzzed again. DO YOU WANT TO GO TO THE ROSE BOWL? I was getting bombarded. I then took another call from a different friend. WERE YOU SERIOUS ABOUT US CRASHING AT YOUR RENTS HOUSE? Oh boy. Then it all came clear. I must have been that guy again. I turn into a super fan when the NITTANY LIONS win.
  Yes. It is true that my parents recently moved to Southern California. They joined my sister who has been out there for eight years now. Well, I guess I might have told a few folks when Penn State came from behind. HEY MY RENTS NOW LIVE 10 MINUTES AWAY FROM THE ROSE BOWL. LET’S GO. OK. I might have broadcasted and invited the entire 570. Remember, I turn into that guy. WE OUR! I mean it seemed like an excellent idea at the time. I was tempted.
  But then…
  I had a very BRIEF conversation with my lovely bride. She helped me realize that there was no way. After checking ticket prices and airfares, I decided to punt. Sure it would be fun to hang out with my rents and friends for three in the Californian sun. I might have even took my shirt off and yelled WE OUR! But it just wasn't worth for me financially. Business is booming but that's a lot of RECYCLED ROX. I felt good with my decision to stay home with my family and watch the game in the 17728. Go Nits.