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Glory Restored

with: Jamie Spencer

Congratulations to the 2016 WILLIAMSPORT FOOTBALL MILLIONAIRES on a truly spectacular season. Time to give some love to Coach Crews and his humble staff on a job well done. The GLORY has been RESTORED and this entire group deserves some major praise. Their story book season came to an end in the PIAA 6A Quarterfinals as my beloved Cherry & Whites fell to the mighty Pittsburgh Central Catholics. I'm sure it stung for a few days but this team should be proud of their accomplishments. I sure am. 
  I also applaud the WAHS FOOTBALL BOOSTERS for all of their work behind the scenes. This small collection of devoted parents go the extra mile doing what they can to help their team. Whether it's prepping meals, organizing pep rallies to braving the bitter cold- these super fans make a impact in many ways. I recently had an opportunity to see them in action. 
  Paul McGinn and I were invited to a team function the Friday before the Central Catholic game. A few folks from the club reached out to us earlier in the week to see if we'd say a few inspiring words. Truth be told. I didn't respond at first as I thought it was a joke. What possibly could this wannabe play by play announcer bring to the table? But then I realized it were serious when someone handed Paul a mic. I'm so glad my friend was asked to go first. 
  My broadcast partner was sensational just like he was during the regular season. He quoted Michael Jordan and said something smart. I was nervous but did what I do best. I yelled extremely loud. ESPN's HERM EDWARDS would have been proud as we both won the crowd. But I must say it was an ABSOLUTE HONOR to speak these fine young lads the night before their big game. I tried to put it into words but I failed miserably. A guy like me doesn't always know what to say. I congratulated the Millionaires for their successes and thanked them for RESTORING the GLORY. It was a great moment and I am very appreciative yet humbled by that opportunity. Well done boys. YOU did it. 
  So a lot has been said and even DEBATED on the fairness of the game played a few weeks back. Relax folks. I'm not going there. Yes Pittsburgh Central is indeed a catholic school and many feel "they" are not on an equal playing field. While some believe they are an illegal sporting factory, others have criticized them by using hateful adjectives like "recruiting" and "cheating" to describe. But regardless of where you stand on this issue- we all need to realize the private schools aren't to blame. They aren't breaking the law or bending any rules. The current system allows them too. 
  Bashing our privates won't help matters. Please don't point your fingers at them anymore. It is what it is. Don't like it? Reach out to those in the know. I recently brought up a conversation with my State Representative during a game of corn-hole. I have a photo to prove it. Besides our public schools can offer much more than the privates. Yes. I am extremely biased and very proud of my alma matter's numerous athletic achievements. But I'm sorry. I'd also put up WAHS' music programs and KEY CLUB against anyones. THE SAME WITH IT'S ACADEMICS. Be humble in defeat sports fans. Don't throw your opponent under the bus especially when things don't go your way. Life isn't always fair and a great lesson can be learned here. SO TEACH IT. Special thanks to the ENTIRE Williamsport Football family for a great ride. It sure is great to be PORT PROUD again. Cheers.