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An Ode to BIG Kurt

with: Jamie Spencer

I apologize for skipping out last week. The Thanksgiving holiday is a hectic time for me. Early deadlines are my worst nightmare and procrastination is to blame. A big shout out to my editor in chief for her understanding. But enough with the madness. Will someone please buy that poor PO a new pair of pants?
I do not cook, nor do I hunt. I love to eat, and I actually prefer to fish this time of year instead. It's always an enjoyable and peaceful experience when I'm on the stream alone. It's difficult to explain, but that feeling seems to multiply while fishing in the fall. Of course, I have to be on the constant lookout for the flat landers decked out in their camouflage orange. My lovely bride used to fear for my safety, but we've reached that stage in our relationship where she actually now encourages me to go. OK. That was a joke, but please remember to yield to fishermen my hunting friends.
I would personally like to thank all of the local football coaches and high-schoolers for another festive and exciting season. No, I didn't make it to any games this year, but I watched quite a few of them online. Every team should be proud of what they accomplished both on and off the field this fall. It takes a major commitment to play a sport these days. Well done.
Our fantastic area is full of many fine young student-athletes. Trust me, folks. In fact, hanging out with these talented youngsters is about the only thing I miss from coaching and calling games. I sometimes yearn for those daily interactions with those special players. You know, those who excel on the gridiron with humility and then they are ridiculously talented in other areas. These young lads are always polite and rather well spoken. They are very active within the community, and they are so dang fun to be around.
I've only known big Kurt Danneker for a few short seasons, but my man was a HUGE part of the Williamsport Millionaires' recent pigskin successes. At a massive 6'5ā€, 320 lbs. ā€” Number 75 tends to stick out like a sore thumb. Kurt is the total team player and often leads by example. His dedication and hard work landed him a Division 1 Football Scholarship. Big Kurt will be attending Ohio University SOON. #foreshadowing.
Danneker started all four years for the Millionaires as an offensive lineman. The senior literally dominated the line of scrimmage and was just as unstoppable when the coaches moved him to defense too. Big Kurt received many awards and individual accolades, but his finest honor came earlier this season. Breaking news. Williamsport's Kurt Danneker has been selected to play in the 2017 Blue-Grey High School ALL AMERICAN Game. He will get an opportunity to compete against some of the nation's very best on December 18th in Cowboys Stadium. Dude?
Kurt and his family won't have much time to celebrate in Dallas, Texas, as they will need to hurry home for a high school graduation. Wait. What?
"That's the plan," Big Kurt said with a grin. "Iā€™m hoping to finish high school here in December, so I can enroll at Ohio U for the start of the spring semester."
Wait. What? I forgot to mention that Big Kurt is wicked smart. His midi-chlorian levels are literally off the charts. #starwars. By loading up and taking additional courses this summer and fall, Kurt will amazingly have enough credits to finish high school a few months early.
"I can't wait to get to Ohio," Danneker explained. "The campus is absolutely beautiful. By enrolling this spring, I will be eligible to participate in the spring football workouts. I look forward to starting my collegiate career. I had the opportunity to look at many schools, but I immediately clicked with the coaching staff and the other Bobcat players. It's a good fit."
Kurt comes from good stock. His parents, Dave and Sue, are both great people. His two sisters are incredibly proud, and so is the rest of the entire extended family. I mean, this all-state football star still finds the time to wear a black tuxedo and play a mean upright base. It's true. I have pictures to prove it too. Who said the orchestra is only for wimps? Man. What a talented kid.
Congratulations on an outstanding scholastic career big fella. I might have to scramble to find you a graduation gift, but continue to make us proud while in Dallas. Best wishes at Ohio U. I'm now a big fan of the Bobcats too. Cheers.