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Gridiron Magic. Part Deux

with: Jamie Spencer

The Williamsport Area Football Millionaires continue to roll. Coach Crews and his talented lads are now a perfect 6-0. Paul McGinn and I had a great view of last week's 62-18 victory over Scranton. We were high above the action on the third floor of the luxurious press box calling the game for PASPORTSLIVE. Our boys continue to amaze by totally throttling a decent opponent in every facet of the game. Yes. The gridiron magic is back on the hill but where are all the fans? More later.
  We got spirit. Yes we do. We got spirit. How about you? Pictured to the right is my best friend Paul and Junior OL Kurt Dannaker. I told you about big #75 in last week's column. He is a great kid and makes us both look small. You might also notice the hideous jacket I'm wearing. Yes. That's me proudly sporting my Port 95 letterman. It caused quite the stir. Did you lose a bet or something Spencer? Why in the world are you wearing that ugly thing? Holy ridicule. Elementary school kids were even poking fun at the almost forty year old in the bright red coat. The entire stadium was in a buzz. Thankfully it was a sparse crowd. Wait. I can explain.
  My parents bought me this jacket my freshman year after I earned my first varsity letter. It was one of my worst Christmas presents ever. Mom left extra room at the bottom of GOLF because she believed I had so much potential. But that's another 30 and 30 for a different time folks. So I lettered in basketball my senior year and I never put hoops on the back of my jacket. Coach White must have felt sorry for the token white kid at the end of his bench. I also decided not to stamp ALL REGION tenor on the right sleeve. Having GOLF was harsh enough. I couldn't possibly handle both. Honestly. I totally forgot I even had a letterman jacket.
  Long story short. My rents moved to California this summer and I found my old cherry and white buried deep in an upstairs closet. This awful looking thing brought back so many great memories from those high school years. I just had to try it on. It fit like an extra wet wool glove. Man. It sure was fun going through those old yearbooks and programs from my GLORY days that afternoon. Give me a hand with this couch? In a minute Dad. You see academics and sports at Williamsport Area High used to be cool. My classmates and I took PRIDE in everything about our amazing school. It's true.
  We got spirit. Yes we do. We got spirit. How about YOU? Truth be told – I wore my letterman jacket to the game this past Friday to show my love and support for Coach Crews and his undefeated Williamsport Millionaires. Our boys are now 6-0 and they deserve some praise. Return to glory? Please. We aren't selling anymore bricks. It's simply time to BRING BACK THE PORT PRIDE. Okay. I used to snicker at the older folks still rocking their lettermans. But that's a thing of the past and I am hoping to start a new trend here. So grab those old school jackets and sweaters and come pack the stands. Students. Go to the game. No more excuses. It's cool to support and cheer for your classmates. Go Port. The gridiron magic is back. So where are the fans? Sporting matters. Cheers.