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Ice Storm

with: Jamie Spencer


I always tend to struggle with certain deadlines. Many of my former profs and our prodigious editor would agree. Some say it's procrastination. I prefer to call it a minor delay in motivation. So I had every intention on writing a great article this week. But the recent ice storm played havoc on the local hoops schedule. The game I was going to cover was postponed to another date. I guess my story will have to wait. Back up plan? As Chris Carter would say COME ON MAN. #rhyme.
  A few have asked some interesting questions regarding these write-ups of late. Perhaps I can finally answer a few. No, I didn't study creative writing or journalism in college. I crunched numbers and played tons of golf. English was actually my worst subject growing up. It was always a fight and I vividly remember those lengthy battles of writers block. I guess that is why I am so appreciative when someone says GREAT ARTICLE kid. I usually thank them with a hug.
  No, I do not write my articles behind a computer or on a fancy laptop. I am always on the go and I'd say I am more of a MOBILE freelance writer. All of my stories OUR typed on an iPhone. Maybe that's why spelling stinks and my thumb always hurts. My favorite place to scribe is on a park bench along the Susquehanna River. I usually go there an hour before my deadline. Sometimes I even leave my keys in the ignition and have to call a friend for a jump. That didn't sound right.
  Today, I am working on this piece while riding shotgun in a granite installation truck. True story. I am currently on a back road outside of Laporte with nothing to write about. No one ever bugs me and the words usually seem to flow. Well except for those times when the WASD calls to inform me there's a two-hour delay at 10:45 a.m. Oops. I hit the wrong button Marge. #cantmakeitup. Again I am just a part-time mobile freelance writer.
  I enjoy the many conversations with ARE top local athletes. Jimmy and Steph have allowed me to seek and share some of their stories for almost fifteen years now. I am extremely honored and grateful for this opportunity. It is very humbling. Telling their amazing tales is somewhat of a challenge, but I do my best. It helps keep me in the game and besides I enjoy receiving praise.
  Unfortunately that's about all I have. I'm blaming the ice. I mean, I could have written about my recent adventure to Rose Valley Lake. I went ice fishing with a friend and froze. Maybe I will save that episode if I ever get called from the bullpen or when Ken and Mike go on vacation. Promise to have something great for you all next week. Cheers.