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with: Jamie Spencer

Special thanks to those who "streamed in" for our first few broadcasts. Yes. This new PASPORTSLIVE gig is a whole lot of fun. Coach Paul McGinn and I are truly humbled by the statistics and praise. We can't go anywhere without receiving some major love. It's almost embarrassing. Okay. We both welcome it.
  There is nothing better than a high school football game on a Friday night. And PASPORTSLIVE is enjoying every minute of bringing you all the action via your mobile devices. Can't make it to the big show? No problem. We have got you covered and then some. So grab a smart phone, tablet or even a personal computer and go to No need to fight the crowds and those long lines at the concession stand anymore. Just sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home. "WE ARE STILL THE ONLY LOCAL BROADCAST TEAM YOU CAN ENJOY WHEN YOU SILENCE YOUR PHONE" TM
  Paul and I witnessed a great atmosphere in Mount Carmel, PA but the football that night was even better. Unfortunately our beloved Lancers were just a few laces short as they fell 42-41 in OT in week one. Both teams were outstanding down the stretch and Sock's last minute touchdown and two-point conversion at the horn was outstanding. Their final drive to tie was one of the greatest I have ever seen. What a thriller!
  Loyalsock's Marcus Williams was fantastic. The scrappy ‘I do everything for my team’ senior scored an incredible five touchdowns. 5. I'd say Marcus bounced back rather nicely from missing his entire junior year because of an injury. Mr. Williams was tabbed SAMPSON PLUMBING player of the game after his handful of TDs. Marcus is one of area's top rushers and receivers heading into week three. He has already has an impressive 198 rushing yards and 134 receiving yards. Marcus is leading the area with nine touchdowns. 9 TDs. He is truly a special athlete and I hear he is even a better person. Welcome back Marcus and we will be in touch soon kid. Props.
  The PASPORTSLIVE squad took a fantastic voyage to Lewistown the following week. Paul knew a shortcut and it was a long yet pleasurable ride. We barely made it for the opening kick but the Millionaires rolled from there. Chuck Crew's team is off to their best start in recent memory. Williamsport is loaded at the skill position and they lived up to the hype by defeating Mifflin County 62-10.
  The quarterback Isaiah Hankins was flawless. He is so good. Hankins now with 4,081 yards and 42 touchdowns in his three varsity seasons. The senior had another perfect QB rating if using NFL formula. You might want to start him in next week's high school fantasy. Hankins has many weapons at his disposal. Elliott Walker is a dangerous threat and Marty Clark is starting to take shape. But there is one in particular that left Coach Paul and I speechless.
  Treyson Potts is only a sophomore. But the young hard-nosed speedster is already leaving his mark. He runs with style and grace. I ran out of adjectives to describe him by the second quarter. Potts is a beast. The kid can fly. He is leading area in rushing with 352 yards and 7 touchdowns in the first two weeks. Potts is only averaging 11.7 yards per carry. Wow. We named him the Sanders Funeral Home Player of the Week. Your trophy is in the mail kid. Congrats.
  Thousands have tuned in for our first two broadcasts. I'm serious folks. I just did the math. PASPORTSLIVE has had 2.4k live views via my Facebook page alone. Another 7.1k stopped by via Last I checked- the Sock game had over 7.5k views on YouTube. Okay 350 of those were mine. The PORT game stats are simply staggering. Where is my damn thesaurus? That replay had 11.6k views in just five days. Don't believe me? I will snap you a screenshot. Humbling. Stream in. Sporting matters. Cheers.