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The Gals of Summer

with: Jamie Spencer

A few weeks back I wrote a short piece on eating some crow. How my approach on summer baseball somewhat changed after a great weekend in Renovo. I am still on the fence with all the travel ball teams and many All-Star tournaments currently in play but I still know when to give props when they are due. So here it goes.
  Williamsport Area Little League was chartered just a few years back. It was a merger between Brandon and Old Lycoming. They combined two great traditions and with the help of some others are now starting their own. Okay. WILLIAMSPORT is already known to be the home of Little League but WALL is doing their best to put us on the map throughout the entire year! These kids have dominated the local District 12 baseball and softball circuit and they are holding their own at states. WALL proudly hung three separate softball banners this summer alone. Sorry fellas. Maybe we'll chat another time. Besides ladies should always come first.
  I have known Coach Rick Robertson as an acquaintance for many years. His younger brother Greg and I played hoops together and his baby sister Ash was one of my sis' best friends growing up. Coach Robertson loves his softball and deserves a plug, as his entire WALL program is already one of PAs best. Well done Coach.
  "All three of our teams enjoyed some great summer successes," Robertson explained. "It is a true testament that hard work pays off. We are so fortunate to have so many wonderful coaches, players and fans. We are all one big family. We are incredibly proud of our softball program."
  But before I begin – I need like to apologize to you coaches if I butcher your names. You see Coach Robertson SPELLED them out over the phone but I can't read my shorthand. My bad.
  Jared Mahon, Bill McAnelly and Jenn Robertson coached the 8-9-10 Minor District 12 champs. They were sectional runner-ups. Rick Robertson, Jason Eichenlaub and Brian Bartholew captained the 10-11-12 Major District 12 champs. These gals were the sectional champs and lost in the state title game to a very tough Exton squad. Eric Holtzapple, Dustin Schneider and Chris Shuler were in charge of the 13-14 two time Junior PENNSYLVANIA state champs. They played all the way to Orange, CT finishing third in Eastern regional. Impressive.
  "One team. One dream. That was our motto. Our coaches and gals totally believed in it too," Robertson, who had three daughters on each individual squad, added. "This summer was really special. I can't say enough about the dedication of our players and fans. We are one big family."
  Congratulations WALL girls. We are very proud of you. Summer baseball is okay. Sporting matters. Cheers.