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They Used to Call Me Wedge

with: Jamie Spencer

Have you been playing any golf Spencer?
This question pops up a lot and the answer is no. OK. I have hacked it around a few times this summer but my 2017 round tallies aren't even close to where they should. There are several reasons why I don't play much anymore and we will take deeper look into my decline here a little later. But the game of golf just isn't the same and according other figures published recently — I'm not the only one who isn't playing. 
I can't remember the last time I didn't tee it up at the Williamsport Invitational. It was on my calendar for every third week in July. But I decided to pass on shanking wedges under pressure and sipping those over priced beers. The same goes for spending some quality time with my Old Milwaukee power-drinking chums to the north. There is no law in Tioga County and Corey Creek. Oh the memories of tournament golf boys and girls. 
Now I haven't played in the Clinton Invite or Better Ball at Belles Springs in quite some time. But both Sean Kaczynski and Judd Caruso agreed to slip me five if I dropped their names. But no more competitive golf for me. I will certainly miss the camaraderie with my chums over those missed five-foot putts that would have won you an additional $200 in pro shop credit. But that's about it. 
I do get a chance to play every Thursday with my friends here at work. We try to shut down the shop a little early to get over to Whitey Deere for a 4:00 tee time on the Vintage. Susquehanna Granite and Marble is a new team in the Men's Industrial Golf League. Four of us battle it out with 10 other teams each week in a 9-hole friendly. 
Each team plays (2) twenty point matches as you receive some love for having the lowest individual score and team total on every hole. It's a great golf league with some of the areas finest players. Most of us are out to have a little fun, but a couple take it way too seriously. Then there’s a few guys who should quit the game completely. 
SMG's roster consists of the Spangler boys — Senior, Junior, Chris and myself. Then we added a few ringers — Fastenal's Joe Simon and Liberty Arena's Paul McGinn — who excel at every single sport except fore golf. We have a most excellent time together. Half way through the season we find ourselves in the middle of the pack. Right where we want to be. 
Corbin Lehman and sweet swinging Scott Farley are big for our current leaders UFCW #38 who has 324.5 points. Nittinger Incorporated is loaded and they are closing fast. They only trail by ten and have four players with negative handicaps. RJ Nittinger, Aaron Bower and Shaun Cooper can flat out play. And Ross Drick leads the MIGL with a sizzling 32.4 scoring average. My man is really playing well and has already carded (3) 31s. Save your money folks. He is your Lycoming County Amateur Champ.
Travis Ward is Thompson's OPE top dog. When he's not selling weed whackers, he getting up and down for par. A&K Metals are a savvy group of vets. Norm Kobbe and league statistician Butch Buck can flat out recruit. They are currently fourth overall with 291 tallies and will contend come playoff time. 
I really enjoy my weekly nine holes of golf with my mates from the MIGL. I actually look forward to Thursday afternoons. Two hours and maybe a few pops afterwards is plenty. No more. No less. That's all I need. Tune next week and I will tell you why. #cheers.