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Her Name is Lauryn Williams

with: Jamie Spencer

I am on my way to Atlanta as one of my good mates is getting hitched this weekend. It will be a short-lived, but most excellent and extra salty 36-hour round trip. I wasn't going to go originally as this is a busy time of year for all, but when my high school buddy needed me to be one of his groomsmen — how could I say no? I am very excited to see many of my friends this weekend. It has been way too long.
No bags today? No ma'am. Just me. You see my baby blue seersucker tux is already waiting for me. So I only have a few of the essentials in my pocket. You know. Picture ID. Dress socks. Toothbrush. Deodorant. Cash and stick gum. I always travel light, but today it's somewhat embarrassing. My father would be proud. I'm just a guy walking around aimlessly.
SIR. PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR ELECTRONIC DEVICE. SIR. PUT IT AWAY NOW. Listen lady. I am under the gun here. I told my lovely editor I’d have her copy to her before I left. Could you please bring me another Coke? Bye bye.
SO WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING? Lots of things. ARE YOU A WRITER? Yes. WHAT ARE YOU WRITING ABOUT? Look. I'd normally chat away, but I can't talk right now. You break my concentration with every question.
So my friend's future bride is a legend. True story kids. She is a three-time Olympic Medal winner. Two on the track and one on the toboggan run. Say what? Yes. Lauryn Williams is the only American woman to EVER medal at BOTH the summer and winter games. You can't make it up. Google her. She is one of only five worldwide to accomplish this feat. This is off the charts folks. My buddy's new best friend has one impressive resume.
I know we can't compete with Lauryn or her bridesmaids on paper. But after a few beers the boys from the East End might be tempted. #lagerolympics. #fratboygames.
Williams is a three-time TEAM USA Olympic participant. She competed in Athens 2004, Beijing 2008 and London 2012. She took silver in the 100-meter back in 2004 and won gold in the 4x100 relay in 2012. Lauryn has many other world championship medals and trophies to her credit. The impressive list is too long for this page.
Williams is one exceptional athlete. Weeks after retiring from the track, she was asked to give the bobsled a try. And after ONLY 6 months of training, Williams did the unthinkable and won a silver medal at the Sochi WINTER Olympic Games in 2014.
Her sprinting skills translated nicely to the sled and Williams gave team USA that explosive athletic push that was hard to beat. Lauryn and Meyers Taylor finished second to the Canadians by a smidge. Williams then joined Eddie Eagan as the only U.S. Olympic athletes to stand on the Olympic podiums for both a summer and winter sport. I'm speechless.
SIR. THIS IS THE SECOND TIME. PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR... OK. OK. Five more minutes. Promise. I write for the DAILY PLANET.
I am so looking forward to spending some time with Dr. Wilhelm Lubbe and Lauryn Williams on their special day. They make a great team and I am honored they asked a guy like me to tag along. Moments from now I will see my soon to be newlywed friends at the airport. I will give Doc a fist bump and ask Lauryn for her permission to submit this column. Yes. I am blessed with pretty amazing friends. #cheers.

-That's 30- #ripbuck #legend. #thanks