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Glory Restored

with: Jamie Spencer

I did my very best to watch the entire Super Bowl. Look I tried. But I only made it to halftime. The Falcons seemed to have the game in hand and I am not a GAGA fan. I am sorry kids, but I can't deal with her BAD ROMANCE. Rah rah ah ah ah. Ro mah ro mah mah mah. That song scares me. The same is true with her POKERFACE. Urgh. No thanks.
  So I woke up bright and early the very next day and couldn't believe the headlines. "Brady Leads Patriots in an Epic Comeback." Say what? I watched all the highlights and read every insight. That's what you do at 4 a.m. I couldn't believe it. What a shocker. OK. Many of us predicted the Patriots to win, but never in that fashion. Dude. They trailed 28-3 late in the 3rd and scored 31 straight! Just incredible. You can't make it up. Man. Belichick is a GOAT and that Gisele Bündchen is one lucky gal. So Tom Brady might have stolen the spotlight and received all the national GLORY, but we witnessed something equally impressive back here in BILLTOWN. #transition.
  It's no secret that the Williamsport Football Millionaires had one of the greatest seasons in their historic history. Coach Crews and his talented team finished 11-2 and brought home a WVC conference crown. They also claimed the D2/4 district title and took a trip to the PIAA State Quarterfinals. It was a thrilling ride and the Millionaires' two-year transmogrification was just as brilliant as Brady's recent heroics. #thesaurus
  The individual accolades continue to pour in as six Port Footballers were named first team AP All State. Congrats again boys. But the main reason I am scribing today is tell you four of these tremendous student athletes just signed their letters of intent to play at the collegiate level. That's just insane.
  "I couldn't be more happy for these boys," the entertaining Head Coach Chuck Crews told me over the phone. "I am thrilled they chose PA schools so we can continue to watch them play.”
  Isiah Hankins is a dynamic dual threat quarterback who shattered every passing record in the book. His stats and personal achievements were ridiculous. I need to rent another page just to include his awards. The scrappy little tough guy was a monster on the field. A gridiron goblin. He could beat you with his legs or his accurate arm. Hankins will play at the University of Indiana of Pennsylvania next fall.
  "IUP was a good fit for me," Hankins explained via Skype. "I really feel comfortable there. The coaching staff was amazing and I look forward to being a part of the team."
  Senior Defensive End Ross Stebbins was a beast to block. My man spent more time in the opposing backfield than the other teams quarterback. The two-year All State stud will head to nearby Bloomsburg to join the Huskies squad.
  Senior Elliott Walker is an exceptional athlete. The kid can fly, and is so dangerous in the open field. He found the end zone in a variety of ways. The All State receiver/punt returner is what you call a game changer. Walker chose to stay close to home to play for the Lock Haven Bald Eagles next season. He will be a fine addition to their team.
  Senior Tight End Jalen Jackson had a breakout year in 2016. He was the state’s best at his position in terms of catches and yards. The sure handed Jackson caught everything and provided Hankins a nice target to move the chains. Jalen will join Elliott at LHU in the fall.
  "I can't tell you how proud I am of these four fine young men," Crews added. "They all meant so much to our successes and football program. Hankins was once in a lifetime player. The numbers don't lie. He was the best. I will greatly miss Ross. He was a terror on the field and played with great energy. Jalen was such a hard worker. My man had crazy glue hands. Elliott doesn't get enough credit for how good he is. What a weapon. He had a great ability to make plays. Elliott did everything for us. We like to calm him our Swiss Army knife."
  "We basically grew up together," Hankins tweeted. "That makes it even better. I am happy for them as we look to continue our careers. It is a true blessing to share this special day with teammates and friends."
  Well done boys. The GLORY has been restored.