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Super Bowl Spots

with: Jamie Spencer

So the teams are busy making their final preparations. Strategies are reviewed and questioned. Millions of dollars are spent and the major players are trying on their clothes. Just to capture ARE hearts in one shinning moment.
  No. I am not talking about the game itself. Because the real competition on Super Bowl Sunday actually happens during those stupendously long commercial breaks. Yes. The action heats up when there is a time out on the field. Wealthy executives spend months of planning for those salty 30-second spots. They all hope to create the perfect ad that everyone talks about the following Monday. That short spot that goes viral on YouTube. Perhaps it contains a catchy tagline that will be quoted for years to come. "Where's the beef?" is a personal favorite.
  So I took a few courses and sometimes went to class, but I am no expert on target marketing. There is no secret formula for the ultimate Super Bowl spot. Besides, if I knew that recipe, I wouldn't be polishing rocks and scribing part time for Webb Weekly. I usually go with the flow and hire a management company. Then pay their bills when it gets cold. Say what?
  While the perfect recipe for a paramount ad might vary, hiring a nostalgic celebrity always helps. Brett Favre is the only man who looks good in WRANGLER denim. Sexy coeds and little puppies always sell. Budweiser and Pepsi excel here. But look for tons of social media and techie spots this weekend. Just saying.
  Some of my favorites involve movies or sports.
  Do you remember the cute little DARTH VADER wandering through the house trying to move objects via the FORCE? Dad pulls up in a VOLKSWAGEN and locks the car from a distance. The young Padawan thinks he did it. Too cute. Rumor has it STAR WARS might give us a sneak peak of THE LAST JEDI. Or how about the legendary Super Bowl spot when Larry Bird and Michael Jordan played HORSE for a Big Mac, fries and a Coke? Over the rafters and off the glass. I still use that line on a daily basis.
  Who knows what the Super Bowl commercials of 2017 will bring. But did you know that two Williamsport natives were recently the lead actors in different spots. I swear. These fine looking studs are both friends of mine. Can you name them? I will even throw in a custom Recycled Rox. Happy Super Bowl kids. GO FALCONS. Cheers.