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The View from the Bleachers

with: Jamie Spencer

I am humbled by all of your praise. It's almost embarrassing. I am looking forward to sharing many great stories via Webb Weekly in 2017. Special thanks to Mr. Webb for allowing me to chime in from the bleachers from time to time. My topics will vary, but will mostly revolve around sports. My life provides some interesting tales that many of you will enjoy. Writing is not my forte, but my candid sense of humor always seems to pulls me through. No, this is not a pilot and I am so thankful that Steph invites me back each week. She's a good egg.
  I have a now eight-year-old son who is my pride & joy. I will be referring to him on this page quite often. Jensen is a great looking kid who plays Xbox and every youth sport. He loves the outdoors and is halfway through the second grade. Jensen is so dang spoiled and has thousands of toys. The J Bird Express is at a fun age and the stuff he says or does—you just can't make it up. He is a freelance writer’s dream. My lovely bride is also grand and we OUR one hell of a team. But she doesn’t like the spotlight so I will try to refrain from using her name.
  I finally broke down this year and gave up coaching. As I told you before—I lost the passion. This winter is the first time in some 30 years where I wasn’t apart of a basketball team in some capacity. Sure I had a chance to stay involved by broadcasting, but it just isn't the same. It was time. I do miss the priceless relationships with my players and the sounds of bouncing balls in an empty gym—but that's about it.
  I thought long and hard about this decision. It's crazy how much life and the entire culture has changed. Coaching hoops used to be fun, but things are so different now. Besides, I have a family and 6 jobs. High sports are not the same as it was say 5 years back. The players. The parents. The administrators. The fans. Man. Everyone is so quick to stab you in the back. I’ve had this conversation with many folks over the past couple of years. Good coaches are finding themselves out of jobs. It is completely whacked.
  Long story short. I am okay with my decision to step down. Let someone else hang in the gym seven nights a week and deal with rents asking questions about playing time. I’d rather stick to the back of the Webb Weekly where I’m currently undefeated and no one ever calls me on the phone. Besides, I like hanging out with my wife and eight-year-old son. I am completely okay with having a view from the bleachers. Cheers.