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The Big Lefty

with: Jamie Spencer

Ron “Lefty” Travis was an extraordinary man. My man was a staple at several local sporting events. Lefty and I weren't super tight, but I guess you could say that we were friends. I would ALWAYS go out of my way just to say hi or garner some free unwanted advice.
Lefty was brilliant and had an interesting vibe. I will certainly miss the many pre and post-game conversations we shared. He would sometimes offer a compliment on an article or particular show topic. His kind words meant the world to me, and I'm still convinced that Lefty was the only one who listened to our weekly radio program. What a total character. And besides my sister, Lefty Travis was the only other attorney I ever liked. No. I didn't mention this joke to anyone while waiting in line. #morelater.
Ron Travis was a phenomenal attorney. He always did his research and successfully mastered the art of persuasion. Lefty was very well respected in the courtroom regardless of sides. The community adored him, and the longtime resident will be greatly missed.
Travis was a proud graduate of Lycoming College and the Dickinson School of Law. He was a partner at the Rieders Travis Law Firm and a member of the Lycoming Law Association. He was a great dude, and Ron had too many achievements and individual accolades to mention on this page.
I always wanted to do a story on Lefty, as he was one exceptional athlete. He excelled on the hardwood and local tennis courts. But unfortunately, we never got a chance to sit down for that exclusive interview. Totally my mistake. I only hoped to get his take on playing for the legendary Dutch Burch back in the 60s. Maybe ask him a few questions about a backhand winner down the line in a major tournament. Oh to have one more conversation with an old friend.
Lefty was one of the greatest to ever ball at Lycoming College. The tough power forward just dominated the paint. He finished his career with 1,413 tallies and an astonishing 1,124 rebounds. Travis' senior campaign was sensational. He averaged 23 points and 15.5 boards. Travis filled the stat sheet. Lefty's marks are still among the all-time bests. He is in the College Hall of Fame and was one of only four Warrior hoopsters to be named to the Middle Atlantic Conference's All-Century Team.
Lefty continued to play hoops after college in the PA amateur circuit. He would often recruit the area’s best to win lots of hardware.
Travis also loved the game of tennis, and was very successful there too. Lefty had a big first serve and competed in the PA State games. Again, I do not have the time or space to tell you about his tennis titles, but I am pretty sure his 50-foot racket toss over the fence at Brandon Park is a record that still stands today. Lefty was such a competitor and didn't like to lose with anything.
Lefty Travis was an extraordinary man, and there was a very large turnout for his services. Exactly as I expected. Yes, there were several attorneys in the house, and that was only an attempt at some bad humor above. I personally thought it was hilarious.
So I marveled at the many faces in the crowd from all different walks of life. It was a brutally cold night, and it was still standing room only. Lefty Travis was quite unique and influenced many — young and old. He always had time for others, and it's rather difficult to explain how BIG this man's impact was.
My heart goes out to his lovely wife Pam and daughter Kelli. I will continue to pray for them and the rest of the extended family. I am absolutely crushed, and words don't do any justice. Lefty was 73 years old.
Life is way too short kids — never take it for granted. Please remind folks just how much you care on a daily basis. Those pre and post-game chuckles will never be the same without Lefty. Rest easy pal, and you will be missed. Much love my friend. Cheers.